10 Quick and Easy Beauty Hacks

I see Sundays as an excuse to be lazy; well at least until 9pm, when suddenly you realise you really should prepare everything for the week ahead. I believe it is called Monday morning dread? Well let me make this coming Monday a little easier with a few quick and easy "hacks".

1, Store face wipes, baby wipes or any type of wipe for that matter, upside down to ensure the first wipe is moist each and every time.

2, For lipstick stays in place all day - separate a tissue, place one layer top of the lips and lightly dust translucent powder on top.

3, To keep hair grips securely within the hair, gently mist with hairspray before placing into the hair.

4, Speaking of hair grips, for extra grip insert the grip wavy/textured side down.

5, For natural volume within the hair, mix a little sea salt into shampoo come each wash. It is best to do this manually rather than adding to the bottle of shampoo.

10 Quick and Easy Beauty Hacks

6, Ice or cold water will quickly set nail polish; warm water will remove mistakes.

7, Forget fancy foot creams - grab a body oil, slather your feet and pop on a pair of cotton socks before heading off to the land of nod. The combination of heat and oil, will soften even the driest of skin, for beautifully soft feet come the following morning.

8, A bizarre tip, I'll give you that but a toothbrush (a clean and new brush of course) is the easiest way to smooth down hair, especially when attempting a top knot or a slicked back hair style. As an added bonus, it can also be used to gently tease and back comb your hair.

9, You can mix regular, self tanning lotion with any body lotion to create a nourishing gradual tanner. I find a 50/50 ratio works best.

10, Peppermint oil is the secret to naturally plumping the lips, mix a little into gloss or balm for a fuller pout.

Feel free to add your own below, any method or tip that makes my life a little easier is always welcome (hashtag lazy people unite). Now if you'll excuse me my pyjamas won't wear themselves ha!