Switch and Save with Superdrug

Like most I look for ways to save a few pence without jeopardising quality or my needs, with Supermarkets urging us to switch to own brand produce to keep costs down, I have often wondered if the same tactic could be applied to own brand beauty products? I regularly visit Superdrug; be it to stock up on cosmetic basics, such as cotton pads or to purchase from their beauty stands and yet I seldom try anything from the in house Superdrug range.

Over the last month or so, I have remedied that and along with saving more than pocket change. I have found a few great everyday items that are well worth switching over to, regardless if you are looking to save money or not.

Switch and Save with Superdrug

As much as I enjoy long hair, I make no pretences in saying the upkeep is far from cheap - my easily dried out locks, lap up conditioner and require something both cost effective and hydrating. To my utter delight Superdrug Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioner has been nothing short of a miracle, deeply conditioning (both the shampoo and conditioner) yet light weight. The range does somewhat remind me of Pantene products, the main difference (cost aside) are that the formulation does not weigh my hair down, and seems to be less laden with silicones. At just £2.29 (currently on offer for £1.12) for a huge 400ml bottle, you owe it to yourself to try this out at some point.

For those with kids, or simply those looking for a quick and easy way to shampoo and condition in one simple step, I recommend Superdrug Kids 3 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo in Tea Tree and Lemon (86p). I have been known to use this when my scalp is irritated, or when I go swimming and don't want to lug around various bottles. As it is so gentle, it can also be used to cleanse brushes and although I don't have kids, I have it on good stead from a mother of four, that this is as good, if not better than the L'Oreal Kids hair care products.

Switch and Save with Superdrug

When it comes to shower gel all I ask is that it smells great, cleanses my skin and doesn't irritate; if happens to cost less than £1 - well that is just an added bonus really. As a huge fan of all things Coconut scented, I recommend Superdrug Coconut and White Peach Fruity Shower Gel . It is beautifully scented, mild yet effective and could give pricier Coconut scented body washes, a good run for their money. It is the perfect addition to any beach/swim bag, or chilly morning shower to evoke memories of Summers past.

If like myself you are a little lazy in regards to moisturising your body, I cannot recommend 
Superdrug Vit E Shower Moisturiser enough - it is by far superior to other brands offerings of products of the same nature. Simply apply to damp skin, rinse off for beautifully hydrated and softened skin. As this is loaded with vitamin E, it can be helpful for those who are trying to prevent stretch marks too.

Superdrug are one of the few brands in which I have noticed offer, exotic fragrance options within their grooming range. From bright zesty citrus scents to more unusual concoctions of Ginseng and Ginger, Superdrug Mens Shower Gels offer it all. As an added bonus, each body is a 2-in-1 formula - so no need for additional shampoo! At just £1.39 a bottle, I can honestly say it is one of my favourite grooming finds thus far and one I don't mind borrowing from the boys.

It's Summer, or at least so I have been told. As someone who wears liquid foundation daily and suffers from acne, I know how difficult it can be to source a good yet non-greasy SPF for the face. I have waxed lyrical about Superdrug Solait Face Fluid SPF30 several times; it is easily one of the better formulas I have found, not to mention cost effective (£3.49/50ml). The thick texture moisturises without overwhelming, nor altering the finish of make up applied on top. It is gentle, does not block the pores and doubles up as a great hand SPF option too. Must like pricer alternatives this prevents both UVA and UVB damage.

After sun - a great product to stash in the bathroom for those just in case scenarios. Personally this is one product I don't think anyone should pay over the odds for, as in most instances it is nothing more than a cooling body moisturiser. Superdrug Solait After Sun cools, calms and hydrates the skin - perfect for sun worshippers, all the while being non-greasy and quickly absorbed. At £2.99 a bottle, I feel this is a switch and save that anyone could make without any commitment or effort. 

A few, quick everyday changes over to Superdrug own brand products saves me over £25 a month; added up over a year, I save close to £300 - a huge chunk of change. What I like most is that I don't even notice the difference; in most, if not all instances, the Superdrug products are as good, if not superior to pricer high end alternatives so I don't feel short changed. 

Now you've seen how much I have saved and read about great, everyday Superdrug beauty essentials will you switch and save?

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