10 Natural Teas For Great Skin

Typical breakfast tea and coffee do nothing for me; my body can not handle the caffeine and simply put I don't like the taste of either. I do however enjoy a cup of natural and herbal tea, so much so that I have a kitchen cupboard full of various flavours to enjoy. Forget detoxing teas, that are more often than not glorified laxatives and curl up with a cup of naturally flavoured tea - your digestive system, skin and general health will thank you more in the long run.

For an upset stomach, a cup of Chamomile tea will help soothe and in some instances ease pain. Chamomile tea can also ease menstrual cramps and as an added bonus settle nerves (in the worrying/nervous sense). Chamomile Tea is also an anti-inflammatory, it can be applied topically to the skin to calm rashes and general irritation.

Another tea you may want to apply topically is Rooibos or red tea, it can help to cool, calm and soothe skin conditions such as eczema, general skin rashes, insect bites and sunburn.
Peppermint tea will also help to settle an upset stomach, it may also help reduce headaches, as well as being a great natural stress reliever and reduce a sluggish digestive system.

10 Natural Teas For Great Skin

Cinnamon Tea is loaded with natural antioxidants which may help product the skin from environmental damage. It has also been noted to ease tension headaches, freshen the breath, aid circulation and increase the memory - a great, natural study aid if ever there was one. Rather bizarrely if applied topically Cinnamon Tea can heal cuts and reduce the redness within blemishes.

Other free radical fighting teas include: Dandelion and Green Tea - both will help protect and repair your skin from aggressors such as pollution and if research is anything to go by, stress.

If like myself you experience motion sickness, you may want to pack a few Ginger tea bags the next time you travel as it gently eases nausea. Ginger Tea can also reduce heartburn symptoms and strengthen the immune system, to ward of the common cold. To help boost natural hair growth, you can make a pot of ginger tea, leave to cool and apply to the scalp for a few minutes before rinsing clean.

Lemon tea is my morning tea of choice; it is so refreshing and can help to combat blemish prone skin as well as naturally detoxing and levelling out our pH balance (without any adverse effects). You may want to stock up on Lemon tea come the Winter season when sore throats are common, it soothes and offers a natural form of pain relief, especially if combined with a spoonful of honey.

10 Natural Teas For Great Skin

We all know that Lavender is a natural remedy for relaxation; if like myself a mug of Lavender tea sounds less than appealing, you have two options: Chamomile or Passionflower. The latter helps to soothe irritability (both of the mind and body), ease nausea, lower blood pressure and of course relax the body - making it the perfect tea to couple with a good book and a comfy pair of pyjamas.

For those like myself who suffer from acne, a mug of Burdock Root tea may help combat skin inflammation. Burdock tea contains anti-fungal and antibiotic properties that may help reduce skin inflaming bacteria, which we all know can lead to blemishes.

Time to ditch that large latte and sip on something a little more skin saving, wouldn't you agree?

For those wondering I tend to purchase my herbal teas from Tea Pigs, Clipper Teas or Twinings (nothing too fancy or extravagant) - most of which I do just grab from the Supermarket, when doing the weekly food shop. I'm just so glamorous.

Now excuse me while I pop the kettle on...