Collistar Skin Care UK

Brands such as Feel Unique are making it more and more difficult for beauty lovers like myself to complain, they are doing seemingly the impossible in making once hard to come by brands accessible. The latest brand to reach UK shores is Collistar an iconic Italian company that specialise in skin care but also cater to our hair, body and SPF needs.

After a little digging around, I'm not nearly as clued up on international beauty brands as I should be, it turns out the Collistar is the No.1 rated beauty brand in Italy. Collistar was founded in 1983 and offer a scientific approach to skin care, they seek out the best developments in skin care technology and apply it to their products. The brand ethos is luxury, results driven yet affordable - how can you argue or not be intrigued by that?

At the moment I am a little overwhelmed by the variety of products on offer by Collistar, to the point I really don't know where to start or what to order. At the moment I am trying out Collistar Brightening Cleansing Foam - quick, easy and oddly refreshing - it cools and calms, due to the Aloe Vera addition. I don't typically like anything that foams but this is not in the slightest drying, removes all my make up with ease and has been formulated for the first signs of ageing. Yes I'm in my twenties and pretty much line free (I have a few frown lines from over practising the Rock's People's Eyebrow as a child - if you know, you know) but I do believe prevention is better than a cure. If you like a quick acting cleanser that perks the skin up yet deeply cleanses, this is one to try.

Other than that Collistar is a complete mystery to me. If you have any Collistar reviews or product pointers or mere suggestions, please let me know. I'm rather intrigued by this brand and would like to add a few more products to my stash.

Go on enable me for once, tell me what the hits and perhaps even the misses of Collistar - I want to add a little Italian flair and sophistication to my bathroom shelf.

You can shop Collistar exclusively with the UK via Feel Unique.

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