How Often Do You Visit Your Hairdresser?

Can I confess to something?
I will put off going to hairdresser as long as possible, I will make excuses not to go and put up with regrowth, simply because I can't be bothered to go. I say bothered when really like most a lifetime of poor experiences has put me off booking in to tame my roots and ends. I will go two to three times a year and even then it is with more than gentle persuasion.

Part of the problem is that whenever I find a great hairdresser they seem to eventually move to another salon, which is more often than not on the other side of the city or swap vocations entirely. This is of course their prerogative but for someone less than trusting at the best of the times, it can make sitting in the chair ready for a trim more than daunting.

As someone with long hair, it can often feel like not only is my hair a challenge but a hindrance to stylists. I have lost count to how often a hairdresser has got a little scissor happy and hacked off more than what I have requested. Then there is the stylist who will do everything but twist my arm up my back to chop my hair into a bob, and of course those who complain about washing and drying my hair. I'll be the first to say that I have off days (don't we all) but as hairdressing is a service industry, I don't think I'm asking too much to have a simple two inch trim and tidy without grumbles of how time consuming it is to dry my hair. Maybe I just have rotten luck, or can those with long and thick hair vouch that is normal?

I've also been "victim" to general salon mishaps - one time a hairdresser dyed my hair a bizarre orange shade rather than my usual honey blonde, I've had wonky cuts and in one instance what could only be described as a mullet in place of a graduated bob. Can you now see why I am so reluctant to go? On the plus side I do take really good care of my hair and seldom use heat so other than the visible regrowth my hair is in what most would deem great condition.

If you have a great hairdresser, hold on to them - they are worth their weight in gold!
Now 'fess up, how often do you frequent the hairdressers chair?