Dr. Bronner Magic Castille Soap Review

Everyone needs a bottle of Dr. Bronner Magic Soap and that is a fact! It is the multi-tasking, hard working soap you didn't know you needed but trust me you do. It is one of the few products that pretty much pays for itself and once you own a bottle, not only will you never look back but you'll wonder how you managed before Dr. Bronner Castile soap entered your life.

I can't recall when or how I first stumbled across Dr. Bronner Magic Soap but I can tell you some of the many ways I utilise it - it isn't dubbed an 18-in-1 product for nothing y'know. As mentioned in past posts, I do use Dr. Bronner Castille Soap to cleanse my make up brushes; sometimes even in solid form which I do recommend for scrubbing up beauty blenders and general make-up sponges. No liquid soap or brush cleanser for that matter, cleans my brushes nearly as well as Dr. Bronner Magic Soap does. It removes all traces of product build up and makes light work of stains, as an added bonus it does not dry out my brushes and requires next to no effort on my part. I believe that is what we call a winner?

Let's forget that Dr. Bronner Magic Soap can be used for household chores, this is a beauty blog and I am no domestic goddess. I can however vouch that this multi-tasking soap not only doubles up as a body wash (water down - half and half ratio before using on the body) and bubble bath (it is both gentle and cleansing) but is also a great occasional clarifying shampoo. As Dr. Bronner Magic Soap is so concentrated a little is all you will ever need to remove even the most stubborn of hair care product build up. I however must stress that it can be a little drying and should be avoided if you have coloured hair, unless you are aiming to fade the dye job that is. It can of course be used as a hand wash, again water down before use.

I have even read about some using Dr. Bronner Castille Soap as toothpaste and as a facial wash; I personally won't be jumping on either bandwagon. I don't like the idea of soap in my mouth (all the childhood threats for having a potty mouth) and I know this will be too harsh for my complexion but for everything else you really can rely on Dr. Bronner Magic Soap.

Oh and the best part? Dr. Bronner Magic Soap is as cheap as chips, readily available and a little goes a long, long way. Your bathroom, beauty routine and life needs a bottle of this "magic" soap to be complete!

Have you fallen to the charms of this soap yet?
If so how do you tend to use it?

Dr. Bronner Magic Soap £5.50/236ml via ASOS - link.