Blush Textures and Finishes Explained

Let's discuss blushes; one of, if not my favourite beauty item to purchase and boy, oh boy has the blush landscape changed over the recent years. I'm almost overwhelmed.

Gone are the days, in which I could pop into the likes of Boots and purchase the prettiest coral blush I could find - which was always a powder texture. Sure I may have dabbled with mousse based foundations but when it came to blush, I was loyal to powder formulas for the longest while. In fact it took a whole lot persuasion to as much as get me to try a cream blush - hey if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Teenage me was wrong, very wrong (about a lot of things if I'm brutally honest) - cream blushes are great. Cream blushes needn't be thick, heavy and oil based textures, rather they can offer a pretty and long wearing flush of colour, that is effortless to apply and blend out. As a matter of a fact cream blushes seem to wear better on my oily skin their powder counterparts, they also tend to somewhat optically blur my enlarged pores. The creamier texture also more often than not, offers a dewy finish, great for disguising oily skin without looking greasy - the sheen almost looks purposeful. If you have yet to be tempted by cream blushes, let me tell you they wear beautifully on most skin types and in most instances are lighter than air in texture. The best part is you can apply on the go with just your fingertips.

Blush Textures and Finishes Explained

Gel and liquid blushes are my newest find; water based textures that do veer a little sheer yet are the ideal option for not only the balmy Summer weather but also any water based activity - yes that includes rain storms. Think of gel blushes as a long wearing tint, the sheer finish allows the complexion to somewhat shine through. The end result is  a subtle, hint of a tint - fresh and natural in appearance yet once set, said flush is going nowhere. If I was still within education, I would use a gel blush - trust me it will more than survive a full working day and/or a strenuous gym class. As a side note if you have dry skin and find other blush textures to cling to problem areas, the water based formula of gel/liquid blushes will help prevent this problem.

As much I do enjoy dabbling with newer and exciting blush launches, there will always be room in my stash for a powder blush or ten. The difference is that now a powder blush really has to earn its keep. No longer will I put up or make do with ashen textures, nor poor pigmentation - powder blushes need to wow me or I'll walk away. I will say that powder blushes, when good can be great; they tend to be more pigmented than other textures and in the instance of some shades very much multi-tasking, not to mention most require next to no blending making them the ideal beginners choice. Cream, gel et al blushes may fall in and out of favour but powder blushes will always remain a beauty staple as they do suit all, and let's face it are rather enjoyable to apply.

Mousse blushes? Nope. No thank you. Forever scarred by my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse days, let's just say mousse textures are one avenue I'm not overly keen to try out. Maybe someone could turn me onto a great mousse blush and change this?

I'd consider myself to be a powder blush gal overall, where's does your loyalty lie?