I Tried Every UK Home Fragrance Subscription Box

I like candles and wax tarts, I also enjoy subscription boxes - combine the two and it is a case of shut up and take my money. After a quick Google search, I have found that within the UK, there are four companies that offer such plans.

Realistically four boxes, most of which are jam packed with home fragrance products is going to be overwhelming for the average person. With that in mind, I have bought and tried all four options to weigh up the pros and cons.

A pricey experiment, I'll give you that but my home has never smelt so good...

I Tried Every UK Home Fragrance Subscription Box

Busy Bee Candle Fragrance Club

Busy Bee recognise that one size does not suit all and offer various price options, ranging from £20 -£100. The contents of the Busy Bee Candle Fragrance Club are a complete surprise each month but the brand do offer a few hints and pointers, to which products will be included within each drop.

This is the ideal option for those who want to not only try an independent fragrance brand, but also gain a huge array of fragrances along the way. All of the products within the Busy Bee Candle Fragrance Club are created by Busy Bee and are seasonally themed. I purchased the August box and was greeted with a selection of Summer ready scents - mostly fruit and bright floral options.

Despite only purchasing the smallest Busy Bee Candle Fragrance Club box, I received 14 full sized tubs of Magik Beanz - small, pellets of fragranced wax, that you melt in the same way you would a standard wax tart. The added bonus of the smaller chunks is that you can mix, match and blend your own fragrances. They are so concentrated that you only need 2-3 wax beads per burn, to scent an entire room, in that sense they are great value for money.

My only criticism in regards to the Busy Bee Candle Fragrance Club, is that for home fragrance beginners, even the smallest subscription option can be a little overwhelming and of course costly. It would be great to see the addition of a smaller and less costly box - that way I, and perhaps others wouldn't feel so guilty for treating themselves monthly.

You can read more and subscribe here - link.

I Tried Every UK Home Fragrance Subscription Box

Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd

Again, like the above Busy Bee Candle Fragrance Club, all of the products within the Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd subscription box are own brand. This is the only box out of the four that supplies a wax tart burner with the very first box, so that you have something to burn your tarts on from the first day - now all you need is a tealight candle and a match! 

Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd (£10) again is a monthly subscription plan, in which 8 large, disk style Scent Melts (wax tart) are delivered straight to your door. As a quick tip, I do not recommend burning an entire Flamingo Candles Scent Melt in one go. The scent throw is intense so it makes better sense, to at least half them per use - I personally chop them into quarters and find that to be more than sufficient to fragrance my home.

If you are an existing fan of Flamingo Candles, this is a great way to experience new and yet to be launched scents, as well as gaiing Melt Crowd exclusive scents. This is along with the opportunity to test regular and best selling Flamingo Candles fragrance options - a great all round option.

At £10 a month, Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd is a great budget friendly option. It does not comprise on quality nor variety. For the average person 8 wax scent melts, is more than enough to scent a home for an entire month and beautifully so too.

You can subscribe and find out more here - link.

I Tried Every UK Home Fragrance Subscription Box

Wax Box

Wax Box is the most diverse home fragrance subscription box, for £10 a month you will receive a range of wax tarts from both independent retailers and better known brands such as Yankee. On occasion, you will also receive small candles and candle accessories - i.e tea light holders, along with a selection of wax tarts.

There is never any telling to what will be in inside each box - brands, fragrance, theme or otherwise; for some that could be a downside, especially if you are not a fan of indie fragrance houses. I have received three Wax Box boxes in total and have yet to be disappointed. If I am entirely honest, I could do without the fragrance accessories - I'd rather have an extra tart/candle than a home décor addition but that is simply my preference.

At £10 it is a great way to treat yourself, discover new brands and scents along the way. Wax Box is easily the best option for variety.

You can subscribe and find out more here - link.

I Tried Every UK Home Fragrance Subscription Box

My Candle Subscription Box

Yes this is another own brand box and a complete surprise in terms of contents but with a twist. The sign up process is what sets aside My Candle Club from the rest. Unlike the other above options, My Candle Club not only allows you to note the fragrances that you dislike but also allows you to control the date in which you'd like your box to arrive. This is convenient for two reasons: a, you will not end up with fragrances you won't use and b, you don't need to worry about missing your shipment due to work etc.

Each monthly edition of My Candle Subscription Box features an array of products all of which are themed (typically to echo the seasons) Out of all the boxes - My Candle Subscription Box is the most varied in forms of home fragrance, this may include: wax tarts, candles and Deelights speciality - Wax Potpourri (small chunks of mixed fragrance wax).

My Candle Club offers three  plans ranging from £10.75 - £39.99. I purchased the smallest box and received: five votive candles and a full sized bag of Deelights Wax Potpourri. There are no repeat fragrances and more than enough product to see me through the coming month and beyond.

As the contents are chosen to reflect your personal requirements, it is rare that two boxes will be identical, which does make it that little more special and ideal for gifting - even if that person happens to be you. 

You can read more about and subscribe here - link. 

I hope post helps you in settling on a home fragrance subscription box a little easier?
Or of course you could just do what I have and purchase one of each...either or.