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You're Doing that Wrong - A Cautionary Tale of Beauty Fails

Beauty Fails

For as long as I can recall, I've enjoyed make-up some might even say I approached the cosmetic stand as a youngster with a little too much enthusiasm. With such gusto comes a lot of mistakes, some of which my Mother unfortunately has documented in various photo albums which no doubt will be blown up into billboard proportion prints and posted around a room come a large milestone birthday. I've long righted my wrongs but for the sake of your amusement let me share a few beauty faux pas I have committed along the way...

1, As a super young teen (I'm talking 13/14) I truly believed that you selected the foundation shade you wished your skin resembled rather than your true colour, no-one could tell me otherwise. For a while I was orange from the chin up and dare I say loving life.

1B, the same rule somewhat applied for lip liner, I mean why use a red or natural pink shade when you can line your lips with a black eye khol pencil. Multi-tasking at it's finest.

2, If an orange face wasn't quite enough to scare those near and dear I then discovered self tan but seldom washed my hands afterwards. Brown nails and orange palms was never a look that was going to catch on.

3, Again as a pre-teen I didn't see the need for several brushes, one blusher blush was all needed for my facial needs - blush, bronzer and powder it did it all. Muddy was the look and Adrienne was my name.

4, Let's just say my teenage years where not kind, I used foam applicators for eyeshadow and blending was not a term I was at all familiar with.

5, For the longest while I used to wash out leave in conditioner, I have no real idea why I did that to this day - the name of the product pretty much tells you how to use it!

6, Concealer, often known as cover stick or cover all - yep that is exactly what I used to do; cover my entire face in concealer and wear in place of foundation. Again my reasoning for such method has yet to be uncovered.

7, Oh concealer lips, how could I forget. Why wear a nice suiting nude lipstick when you can slick your lips in a ghastly pale shade and look ill?

8, I used to apply blush not only to my cheeks but also the tip of my nose and if I was feeling fancy my chin too. I forever looked more than flushed and often got asked if I needed to go outside and get a little air.

9, When highlighting and contouring first became mainstream, around 6 or 7 years ago I would attempt to contour with highlighter. Looking back on old photos I look greasy and a little too shimmery in complexion, rather than the sculpted Kim Kardashian effect I was aiming for.

10, Very recently, I did not read a product properly, saw the word scrub and immediately assumed it was for my face. Wrong it was a hand scrub! Luckily it didn't cause my skin to react but yeah as a long term beauty blogger you'd assume I'd know better. Saying that I've confused hairspray, dry shampoo and deodorant on more than one occasion...

Go on give me and other readers a chuckle, what is the biggest beauty fail you have committed. We promise not to judge...much ha!

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  1. Green eyeshadow from Collection 2000 every day for a year around 7/8 years ago, never removing face makeup (just eye makeup - how I wasn't more spotty I will never understand), bronzer in the place of powder when I wanted a sunkissed look, and not cleaning my brushes for over a year (when I was 15 I didn't know you had to clean them - whoops).

    My mum asked me the other day why I buy brushes when you can use foam applicators, especially since that's what her Burberry and Clarins eyeshadows come with. *facepalm*

    Sophie xx

  2. What about an improvised rocker look, that would become panda look around the third hour of school because I couldn't bother paying attention and not touching my eyes..sigh..

    But if I thing I annoyed my mom forever to get me a YELLOW VELVET SKIRT..what can I say..we were young, my friend ;)

  3. I remember watching youtubers contouring in tutorials when i was 13/14 and attempting to recreate it using the only bronzer I had which was this really shimmery brick type. My mum always used to tell me that I hadn't done my blush very well or my foudation was looking a bit dark ! Oh and buying a nivea tinted moistouriser without realising things like that come in different colours and buying the darkest shade and attempting to wear it for about 3 years on and off. Don''t even get me started on the blue eyeshadow...

  4. Oh god, no 8 made me lose a little bit of my cuppa. Blush on your nose, now that's a new one to me :)
    I used the green concealer all over my face with "translucent tan" powder on top. I looked like a blotchy ghost.
    Oh and blue or green eyeshadow or Dream matt mousse!!!

    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks

  5. Some of these are so funny! When i look back at old photos and see how much bronzer i used to apply all over my face! haha x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  6. Mistaken a body milk for a cleansing milk! Was wondering why my makeup wouldn't come off oh gosh! xx

  7. haha I was the opposite with foundation shade; i used to cover my face with a ghostly pale concealer stick and at one point I thought that green eyeliner on my waterline was the way forward ha

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  8. I used to looooove the concealer lips! I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
    I was terrible for doing my makeup and forgetting to put on mascara, I already have tiny eyes to begin with but no mascara paired with raccoon eyeliner made them even tinier!!

  9. These are so funny. I'm so guilty of any of these especially choosing a darker foundation so you look more tan. Oh, how I cringe at these absolute fails.

    Check out my latest post <3

  10. Ahh such a hilarious post! Basically I didn't really care about makeup until I was in my late teens, but when I bothered it was almost always a bold eyeshadow look or bright lipstick with NO BASE, NO BROWS, just COLOR.


  11. This was so funny.

    I would wear really heavy black liner all around my eyes. I'm pale so it looked way to stark and closed them up. I remember a younger kid asking me if I had gone goth!

    I would also never wear foundation, which is fine for many days, but doesn't make sense when you have a full face of makeup.

    I would never fill in my eyebrows, but again, have a full face of makeup. My eyebrows are so faint, filling them in is such a must now. I look so off without it.

    I still can be prone to going to heavy on the bronzer at times!

    Those are some of my main offenses. :)

  12. Loved this haha! When I was really young, before I had foundation, I was about to go out shopping with my friends and in a rush I went into my mum's bedroom and streaked a rather orangey shade of Clinique concealer over my face. Blending was minimal I imagine - I thought just because it was high end it was good! :')
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  13. Haha I can so relate to all this! I'm forever haunted by the thought that I used to go around with my foundation not blended in properly - causing an orange line along my jawline! And don't get me started on the bright green eye shadow I got free in a magazine once...cringe!

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  15. So relatable, this were literally all my beauty fails! I used to be so orange and shiny! I thought it was beautiful at the time.. haha! x

  16. I wouldn't blend my eyeshadow and wear it far too close to my brow bone!

  17. LOVED this post - cackled & awwwed throughout, PRICELESS.

    I slightly missed out on the awkward fail makeup phase, because I spent most of it at boarding school, where the nuns prohibited us of all makeup, such a shame - no memories ; )

    Only one, I did spent a year of primary school with nails CRUDELY painted black - but honestly? I still love it. The nail blogger in me would probably cry now if she saw the paint job, but short black nails are still my favourite thing ever.

    Lovely post!

  18. I love all these! When I first started wearing blusher I overdid it so much people used to look at me all concerned and asked if I'd been hit in the face.

    Catherine xx

  19. biggest beauty fail to date was neon eyeshadow, in stripes. didn't even blend it. it was horrible.

    brooke | brooke elise

  20. Oh wow haha yikes! Teenage years are full of mistakes. I wasn't too big into makeup as a teenager but my poor hair... damaged it every morning by waking up super early to either perfectly curl my hair or straighten it to death.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  21. Somehow this post made me laugh a lot. It reminds me of myself when I was younger. Love it

  22. On a similar note to number 10. The other month I used mistaken a kheils eye cream sample for a night moisturiser. Surprisingly it actually worked really nicely and was slightly disappointed it wasn't intended for the face xxx

    Fi |

  23. That post was so fun to read! I did the same thing as you with foam applicators, and of course without blending anything as well - and for years I was convinced (I don't know why) that mascara didn't suit me, so I only wore eyeshadow and/or black khol on my waterline - nothing better than having tiny panda eyes! :P

    Julia xx
    Check out my new summer beauty post:

  24. Hahaha this post was amazing. I loved reading it! Although as a younger teenager I sort of stayed away from makeup... I still may or may not have made some of these mistakes haha! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  25. I used to wear eyeliner and no mascara!! Why I don't know but that's what I did and I looked stupid for it!

  26. These were so relatable! Very funny :)

    - Kaitlyn |

  27. Using concealer all over the face is such a funny one! I know a lot of girls used to do this in highschool. x

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  29. I used to wear eyeliner with no staying power with a very heavy hand. Needless to say I had raccoon eyes throughout quite a bit of high school!
    I also for some reason never wore mascara. No clue why. Now the only time I don't wear it is if I am wearing no makeup at all. Even if all I do is put powder on, there WILL be mascara on my lashes! lol.


    Intro post to my blog is up :)

  30. Haha this post has made my day, honestly it's brightened my morning (I'm sorry, that sounds awful, but I can relate to so many of these). I remember foundation lips, and the days of Dream Matte Mouse being EVERYONE'S go to foundation. Oh the joys!! I used to constantly look slightly orange but as my defence I am super super pale (NW10-13) and drugstores didn't have pale enough foundations for me until the past couple of years but I didn't look great.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  31. I'm proud to say my worst beauty fail was simply having a foundation that was a shade too dark for my skin, it was one that oxidised so it took me a while to realise it was actually too dark!

  32. Hahaha these are brilliant! I thankfully never went through the orange stage as my mum didn't let me have foundation when I was younger but I remember slightly earlier on I'd say age 10 - 13, I thought it was good to put roll on glitter EVERYWHERE. Who needs highlighter when you can have actual glittery cheeks? hahaha. Great post! xo

  33. hahaha this post is brilliant! i was also guilty of getting foundation that was way, way too dark in an attempt to look bronzed and of not even knowing blending eyeshadow was a thing. old photos haunt me!

  34. Dream Matte Mousse foundation and on the lips, need I say more? Also, hairspring your face to set makeup, no.

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  35. I have to admit... I still after blushering run the brush over the tip of my nose and chin. I just can't get out of the habit!!
    Also I used to use a kabuki brush for EVERYTHING.. And then wash it in fairy liquid! Oh the pain I would feel if I saw someone doing it today! But we have learnt and have come along way!

  36. Ahh the days of using foam applicators for eyeshadow... I remember borrowing a cream bronzer stick my mum had (shimmery, brown, unflattering at best) and using it as lipstick. I don't know what I was thinking 😂😂

    Jess xo

  37. This post is one of the best things I've read all year!! :')

    I've had my fair share of faux pas over the years. I used to wear pink and blue eye shadow in a gradient sort of effect when I was at lower school! Then followed by completely overdone cat eyes. Dodgy St Moriz tan hands. And bright pink Nicki Minaj esc lipstick on my very pale skin colour!

    I'm very jealous of these flawless teenagers that prance around nowadays!

    Jess @ JuicyyyJesss*

  38. I can relate to a lot of these. I definitely only had 1 or 2 brushes growing up!

  39. Haha! This post made me have a wee chuckle. Concealer lips were a must and i also used one brush for everything, no wonder i looked so weird ha!

    An Impatient Scottish Girl

  40. Oh my goodness, putting the blush on your nose and chin is too funny! :) I'm sure I over did my blush as well, being that was one of the first things I started wearing when I was about 12-13. Along with the blue eye shadow. I think I decided that if that kind of make up was appropriate for dance recitals then why not wear bold makeup every day! haha

  41. Haha, please elaborate more on the black kohl lipliner! Also, is it not shocking to people that eyeshadow compacts still come with sponge applicators? No one uses them!

  42. Reminds me of the time I blitzed my hair with oven cleaning spray thinking it was hair spray. And I also used to use concealer instead of foundation - what were we thinking!?!

    Rebekah x Roots & Soul

  43. Haha... compared to you I was pretty harmless. I did the every day khol eyelining though, for about a decade. I thought it would bring out my eyes, but all it did was make them extremely small.

    To 7 I can only say: I still do it at times, i.e. when I go for a dramatic smoky eye. However, I still put some lipgloss on top to make it look alive. ;)

  44. I feel like, at 20, I'm still committing a lot of these mistakes hahaha. A few years ago, I made that same mistake with concealer and slathering it ALL OVER my face. Yikes

    I recently had a nightmarish (in my opinion) experience, when I was running late for school and put on some sunscreen that I hadn't tried prior, and it was literally a thick white paste and I ended up looking like a geisha! Thankfully I had time to take it off whew


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