Beauty Fails

For as long as I can recall, I've enjoyed make-up some might even say I approached the cosmetic stand as a youngster with a little too much enthusiasm. With such gusto comes a lot of mistakes, some of which my Mother unfortunately has documented in various photo albums which no doubt will be blown up into billboard proportion prints and posted around a room come a large milestone birthday. I've long righted my wrongs but for the sake of your amusement let me share a few beauty faux pas I have committed along the way...

1, As a super young teen (I'm talking 13/14) I truly believed that you selected the foundation shade you wished your skin resembled rather than your true colour, no-one could tell me otherwise. For a while I was orange from the chin up and dare I say loving life.

1B, the same rule somewhat applied for lip liner, I mean why use a red or natural pink shade when you can line your lips with a black eye khol pencil. Multi-tasking at it's finest.

2, If an orange face wasn't quite enough to scare those near and dear I then discovered self tan but seldom washed my hands afterwards. Brown nails and orange palms was never a look that was going to catch on.

3, Again as a pre-teen I didn't see the need for several brushes, one blusher blush was all needed for my facial needs - blush, bronzer and powder it did it all. Muddy was the look and Adrienne was my name.

4, Let's just say my teenage years where not kind, I used foam applicators for eyeshadow and blending was not a term I was at all familiar with.

5, For the longest while I used to wash out leave in conditioner, I have no real idea why I did that to this day - the name of the product pretty much tells you how to use it!

6, Concealer, often known as cover stick or cover all - yep that is exactly what I used to do; cover my entire face in concealer and wear in place of foundation. Again my reasoning for such method has yet to be uncovered.

7, Oh concealer lips, how could I forget. Why wear a nice suiting nude lipstick when you can slick your lips in a ghastly pale shade and look ill?

8, I used to apply blush not only to my cheeks but also the tip of my nose and if I was feeling fancy my chin too. I forever looked more than flushed and often got asked if I needed to go outside and get a little air.

9, When highlighting and contouring first became mainstream, around 6 or 7 years ago I would attempt to contour with highlighter. Looking back on old photos I look greasy and a little too shimmery in complexion, rather than the sculpted Kim Kardashian effect I was aiming for.

10, Very recently, I did not read a product properly, saw the word scrub and immediately assumed it was for my face. Wrong it was a hand scrub! Luckily it didn't cause my skin to react but yeah as a long term beauty blogger you'd assume I'd know better. Saying that I've confused hairspray, dry shampoo and deodorant on more than one occasion...

Go on give me and other readers a chuckle, what is the biggest beauty fail you have committed. We promise not to judge...much ha!