Shay & Blue Blood Oranges Eau de Parfum

It's not often I can be swayed by an orange fragrance, typically I find them to be a little to sweet and on occasion tart for my preference but Shay & Blue London Blood Oranges Eau de Parfum is something else. A bright and obviously citrus based scent, that will perk up even the gloomiest of days all the while being chic and understated. I didn't expect to fall hard for this scent - on paper it is everything I should dislike and yet I can't help but love it.

My main gripe with orange based scents is that more often than not they are very artificial, sweet and feature candied notes. Not Shay & Blue London Blood Oranges Eau de Parfum, this smells exactly like freshly squeezed oranges coupled with sunshine - no really! In every way possible this is a truly beautiful scent but it really comes into its own when coupled with warm weather - it is carefree, refreshing, uplifting and just screams happiness. Having said that I imagine it would also perk up a gloomy Monday too!

The main notes are blood orange (of course), which is both fresh and realistic - this is coupled with notes of musk, woods and oddly leather.The soft and somewhat masculine essence of leather is what prevents Shay & Blue Blood Oranges Eau de Parfum from being sugary sweet, typical and overbearing. Sure it is bright thanks to the abundance of orange but soft, familiar, smooth and oh so cool thanks to the buttery accord.Shay & Blue Blood Oranges will change how you view orange based scents forever and in my case convert me into a citrus fan full stop - I normally find such scent family overwhelming. Surely that is reason alone to try this out at the next given opportunity?

Shay & Blue Blood Oranges Eau de Parfum £55/100ml via Harvey Nichols - link

This post contains a press sample.