Often Overlooked Lush Products

We've all skipped to Lush with visions of pretty bubble bars and bath bombs in our heads but have you ever stopped and paid attention to the other Lush product lines? There is so much more to Lush than candy scented bath treats (not that I begrudge anyone treating themselves to a soak in the tub, it is rather blissful) and with that in mind I have gathered up a few, often forgotten about Lush product recommendations.

Lush Soap
Lush soaps are not only visually beautiful, smell divine but are more often than not loaded with skin nourishing and treating ingredients. The great thing about Lush soap is that it tends to be multi-purpose; some have been formulated for the face and body, others to cleanse and exfoliate the skin and there is even a few variations that you can wash your hair or treat your hands with. Genius. As it is a solid product it travels well, can be cut at home into smaller sections and is one of Lush's more affordable product lines in general. Every home should have a bar of soap, why not make it a beautiful chunk from Lush?

Lush Shampoo Bars
Not only environmentally friendly as there is no packaging but economical too, one Lush Shampoo Bar equates to two 500ml bottles of liquid shampoo. There is pretty much a Lush Shampoo Bar for every hair type, colour and condition for that matter. Yes they take a little while to get used to but are worth the switch for voluminous locks, not to mention they remove product build up like no other all the while being kind to the hair and scalp. It goes without saying that the bar format travels well and doesn't take up any space in a case, and as it is a soils you don't have to worry about liquid limitations when at the air port. I realise this is a little unconventional but I really rate Lush Shampoo Bars as make up brush cleansers, they remove even the most stubborn of foundation stains with ease.

Lush Massage Bars
In my opinion Lush Massage Bars are the underdog of the Lush world, not only can they be used to treat the body and mind to a massage but they are essentially solid bars of body moisturiser. Lush Massage Bars once warmed turn into a quickly absorbed body oil that deeply nourishes and conditions the skin, with next to no mess. Again being a bar format you can cut into smaller chunks for travel or storage but you can also melt them to create treatment oils for the hair, bath or to scent the home. The uses are almost endless.

Lush Lip Scrubs
There was a time that I deemed Lush Lip Scrubs over priced but the more I use them, the more I can not be without a tub. Each deliciously scented/flavoured jar is nothing more than a blend of sea salt, brown sugar and coconut oil so that they can technically be consumed - I dare you not to lick your lips when using one...I dare you. If like myself you are prone to dry flaky lips this gentle scrub will quickly remove all traces of dry and dead skin without irritating, all the while moisturising the lips. Yes it is a little on the pricey side but it does deliver and one tub will last for months on end.

What would you consider to be an underrated Lush product?