Beauty Essentials You Shouldn't Pay More than £1 For

I'm not exactly renowned for being sensible with money, I do purchase items especially those of the beauty type on a whim and often live to regret such decision. However I am pretty thrifty when it comes to "boring" beauty essentials and will not pay over £1 for a whole number of products. If you are looking to save a little money without denying yourself the essentials, then perhaps scaling back and spending less on a few or all of the below products could help? As a side note seriously, what did we do before the Poundshop took over the UK high street?

Beauty Essentials You Shouldn't Pay More than £1 For

Kirby/Bobby/Hair Grips - I refuse point blank to buy my hair grips from anywhere else other than the Poundshop (I have never found them cheaper anywhere else) as I go through a pack on a weekly basis. As I use so many either due to my think hair bending them out of shape or simply misplacing them (seriously where do they all go?), it doesn't make sense to pay more. The quality of the grips I have purchased within the Poundshop is as good as, if not better than Boots and Superdrug own brand offerings.

Hair Ties - Much like the above hair grips I again snap, loose and bend hair ties out of shape daily and of course misplace more than I care to count. I tend to purchase most of my hair ties from Primark as they are kind on my hair (no metal closures), often come in realistic hair tones and for £1 you get more than your money's worth from a pack (over 30 hair ties). I can not recommend them enough. I also rate Primark for clear elastic/plastic hair bands to secure braids etc.

Baby Wipes - In this aspect I am referring to those who use baby wipes to freshen the hands, as emergency face wipes and general cosmetic use - I entirely understand if Mothers pay more for higher quality, babies have different needs. If you use baby wipes for the aforementioned purposes then shop around, I would never pay more than £1 for glorified hand/surface wipes in my case. I only use baby wipes on the go so they are all but a throw away purchase in my case; I do tend to purchase Supermarket own brands as they tend to be the cheapest option or of course head to the Poundshop - can you really beat the Poundshop?

Beauty Essentials You Shouldn't Pay More than £1 For

Cotton Buds - They are cotton buds, need I say more? You can often find Cotton Buds in Supermarkets, Chemists and the likes of Boots and Superdrug really reasonably priced, more so own brands. As they all preform the exact same and are made identically, I say go for the cheapest box/pack and save yourself a few pence. I also recommend paying attention to the Baby aisles in Supermarkets etc as such ranges tend to be more reasonably priced in comparison to the products aimed at beauty use.

Cotton Pads/Balls -  Pretty much what I said above for Cotton Buds rings true for Cotton Pads and Balls, again they are more often not made the same and deliver identical results regardless of the price. I personally prefer large cotton pads as I find they are easier to remove eye make-up from, believe it or not Boots tends to be the cheapest place in which to source the large Cotton Pads - on occasion I have also found them in the Poundshop.

Hair Conditioner - As someone with longer than average hair, I go through a lot of conditioner and I mean a lot - almost a full 500ml bottle per wash. Such habit quickly adds up so I do pay close attention to price, I'd rather pay more for a hair masque than a basic conditioner. My top tip is to head to the Poundshop, I always find Dove, Pantene and Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner in store and as they are only a £1 a bottle I can afford to stock up.

What do you refuse to pay more for?