Why You Need to Try the Tangle Teezer

What did we do before the invention of the humble Tangle Teezer? Struggle with knots that's what! Whenever I think about how long I put off trying out the Tangle Teezer way of life, I kick myself as nothing has revolutionised my hair care routine like it and I doubt anything else ever will. It has reached the stage that wherever I go some form of Tangle Teezer is not far behind, in fact I more often than not have the travel sized Tangle Teezer in my handbag. 

If you have yet to become familiar with the Tangle Teezer let me explain why you owe it to yourself to try it out at least once. Essentially a Tangle Teezer is a bright, oddly shaped completely plastic hair brush that has been especially designed to glide through the hair. Wet, dry, curly and of course knotted this brush will take care of it all.

As someone with long hair, I do experience my fair share of tangles - sometimes it feels like my hair is 99.9% knots and one step away from dreadlocks. In the past I struggled (and of course complained abut using) with brushes and combs, putting off washing my hair for as long possible (gross I know) as the combing stage was unbearable. Dramatic? Me, never! 

All jokes aside long hair is not fun to brush or de-tangle full stop and I kid you not when I say nothing makes the job easier than the Tangle Teezer. You can use it to comb/brush as you would any normal hair brush but the plastic teeth also gently tease out knots - hence the name, all the while being gentle to the hair and the scalp. As an added bonus the plastic teeth of the Tangle Teezer massage the scalp without any additional effort on your part. As a quick side note a Tangle Teezer is all my friend uses on her little girl's hair and says it is the only way she can comb/brush out her long ringlets without tears. If that doesn't convince you to give it a whirl, nothing will. It really is a game changer.

Long live the Tangle Teezer!

You can find the original Tangle Teezer via Beauty Bay for £7.51 - link.

If you are looking for all the tangling power of the Tangle Teezer but the ease of a traditional brush and a tool that can withstand heat, then you need the Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Brush. You can read my review here.