Suckered in By Packaging

I am a complete and utter beauty junkie, I love and I mean love nothing more than perusing the make-up aisles anywhere, and again I mean anywhere. I am as happy in the Supermarket as I am in the likes of Space.NK - give me a make-up, haircare or skin care stand and watch my face light up. I enjoy all brands and don't consider myself to truly be a beauty snob. I am however suckered in by packaging.

I've lost count to how many times a new and shiny launch has landed and before I have brushed up on reviews, swatches or as much as had a feel for the product, I have clicked purchase. Why? Pretty packaging - pure and simple. I'm sure there is a more recent example of my frivolous spending than the MAC Cinderella collection but my memory has conveniently gone blank. I know the cornflower blue style of the plastic casing wasn't for everyone but it was all I could think about, despite the fact that all the reviews said the products really weren't worth the hassle of sourcing online. Try telling that to me and over a thousand other customers.

While we are on the topic of MAC I have even purchased a lipstick that I not only already own and is permanent because it came styled in a beautiful limited edition case. One word ridiculous. MAC are truly King of special edition packaging and shades aren't they? The more I think about it, it does seem to be higher end brands that roll out more stylised packaging over perhaps more budget friendly options. Not that this is a negative aspect, I'd rather a company scrimped on packaging than the actual product - wouldn't you? Then again that does go against everything I have just said above...

Basically if you want me to part with money without question, pop your brand's lipstick or eyeshadow within highly collectable packaging and watch me hand over my bank card.

So over to you, are you a sucker for limited edition packaging or not - if not please teach me your ways ha! If you fall into the easily swayed category do tell me what was the last item or collection in terms of packaging that made you go weak at the knees.

BRB the Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson Collection is calling my name...