A Note on Coconut Water for the Skin

If you like Pina Colada's...seriously though who doesn't enjoy a good Pina Colada? Next to the Mojito I'd consider it my all time favourite cocktail, well at least top three I can never say no to a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. Before I convince someone to pop along to TGI Friday's let's get down to business and discuss Coconut Water - yeah I lost myself a little in a tropical haze too. One of the newer health kicks on the block, a carton of Vita Coco Water has pretty much become the gym bunny's weapon of choice along with protein bars (that's a tale for another time). Oddly I'm not going to get into the benefits of drinking coconut water, well all that much but rather how I use it as a toner, yes really.

It has long been drummed into us all that natural is best and in most cases I would completely agree - there is an exception to every rule of course. As many will know I have problematic, easily irritated skin that is currently been plighted by adult acne; at the moment it is looking better than it has in a long while but flair ups are never far off. I know as a beauty blogger and general skin care enthusiast I should be more vigilant and intrigued by toners but frankly I have never really found any that wow me enough to encourage me to stick with it. I fully understand that there is a toner for all needs and skin care types not to mention woes but in truthfulness it is something I will seldom if ever get excited about. Hashtag sorry not sorry.

As a naturally curious person (read nosy and disbelieving), I was left a little intrigued when I learnt that along with drinking natural Coconut Water to improve skin, it can be used topically on the complexion to tone and moisturise. Yeah I was a little sceptical too - instantly I assumed it would be sticky, uncomfortable and generally a weird experience if not a silly idea. Well my dear reader it turns out it is actually rather wonderful, keep in mind that 100% natural Coconut Water is just that - no added sugar, chemicals or anything nasty, yet is sterile it could be just what you have been looking for.

Naturally Coconut Water is high in both vitamins C and B which can add both radiance and help to repair skin tissue - for instance it may aid the fading process of scarring and brighten dull skin. For those concerned with the process of ageing you may be pleased to know that it contains both Cytokines and Lauric Acid which aid the process of cell growth and help to keep the skin's pH balance regulated. Oh but there is more Coconut Water is also rich in antioxidants which will help to fight free radicals such as pollution and general day to day skin damage. It is also oddly hydrating (more so if you physically consume it rather than topically applying) but won't overwhelm oily complexions if used as a toner, rather I find it re-balances and refreshes.

I know what you are thinking the above reasons alone are reason enough to apply to a cotton pad and swipe merrily across your face. Now I can't find proper Scientific research or reasoning (maybe it is the zinc, magnesium,and Iron components or maybe I haven't been looking in the right places) but I have found that gently dabbing Coconut Water on my blemishes encourages them to heal a little quicker without drying out my skin. In turn my blemishes are less likely to scar which pleases me to no end as it is something I struggle with. 

I'm sure drinking the water will offer similar if not identical results but at the moment I'm struggling with the taste and don't want to stoop to artificially flavoured versions - surely that would defeat the purpose? For now I'm more than happy splashing on a little coconut water in the evenings; it is gentle, cheap, plentiful, natural and most importantly it gets the job done!

I've also read that rinsing your hair with Coconut Water after washing and conditioning will leave in deeply nourished, shiny and hydrated but as I'm not made of money this is not a theory I'll be testing any time soon. As a side note brrr!

What are your thoughts on, and/or uses for Coconut Water?