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Asking For a Friend - Your First Fragrance Purchase

Your First Fragrance Purchase

I am a fragrance fiend and can pin point to exactly when the obsession began. As a young child Versace fragrances were all the range, especially those of the Jean variety. My Mother had a bottle of Versace Red Jeans and although I didn't care much for the fragrance I weirdly used to enjoy misting around the room - let me tell you she was not happy about that. I used to also spray it on my sweatshirt before heading off to school to comfort me throughout the day - childishly sweet, if I do say so myself but she did wonder eventually why her signature scent of the time was somewhat evaporating. 

Then one day elder cousin one day produced a bottle of Versace Baby Rose Jeans and I knew there and then that it was all I wanted my days, clothing and memories to smell of. I would day dream about owning a bottle and all but beg my Mother, Grandmother and anyone who would listen to purchase me a bottle. Wisely they decided that a child under 10 really shouldn't be wearing heavy perfume. I was of course bitter at the time but looking back how odd would it have been to witness a six or seven year old child casually applying perfume ha!

My first bottle of fragrance was Davidoff Cool Waters which I received one Christmas and really did think I was the coolest kid on the block. The sweet yet aquatic scent still takes me back to the Glasgow Carnival. However the first time I physically visited a fragrance counter and parted with cash, albeit money I was gifted as a Birthday present was Jennifer Lopez J-Lo Glow Eau de Toilette. A somewhat harsh and soap ode to lily and white blooms, I won't pretend for one moment that I bought it for any other reason than it was a product of the J-Lo dynasty. To this day I still squat for a bigger booty, buy anything featuring a palm tree print and pile on the highlighter for a J-Lo glow - consider me obsessed with the woman.

A little further down the road I discovered Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum when I was at University and it very quickly became my signature. I have so many sensory memories associated with such scent that it is impossible for me not to reach for it. At the moment I have cast it aside due to the humid weather but you can almost guarantee that at the first hint of Autumn all my jackets, coats and myself will have a distinctive ring of Alien surrounding it.

So that's pretty much how what I am assuming will be a life long love affair with fragrance began. Rather than asking for product recommendations or general beauty advice in this week's "Asking for a Friend" post, I open up the comments and ask you to divulge your fragrance story. Heck feel free to use the idea/concept for a blog post of your own. 

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  1. I also adore the alien scent! - feel free to check out my blog!!!x

  2. Wow the packaging of this fragrance is gorgeous!


  3. I've never been much of a perfume girl, but my first ever perfume was Curious by Britney Spears that I got for Christmas one year! I really liked it (even though I didn't use it much - this was before I got into make up haha) and now it's lost somewhere in the depths of my closet! :(

    Sinead |

  4. I have used many fragrances over my time (my first love being Pink Sugar from Sephora) but I have never truly felt a connection with a fragrance until I discovered Tom Ford Tobac Vanille. There are no words to explain how perfect this fragrance is - it is the most beautiful blend of spice, depth and sweetness to make a sophisticated yet feminine scent. My entire mood and confidence level is drastically increased with one spritz of this blend! If you haven't already, you need to take a trip to the Tom Ford stand in a beauty hall and just give this one a go - once you do, I am sure you won't look back!

  5. I'm a Prada Candy lover. It took me a few years to figure out this wonderful smell I would occasionally smell on others and then someone on youtube talked about it and I decided to check it out in store. I was ecstatic when I found out that was the scent I had been looking for!

  6. I started with Anne Sui perfume because of the packaging and ofcourse Britney Spears, then I moved on to Vera Wang Princess. The only perfume I've actually purchased for myself was a bottle of Hugo Boss Orange because I ran out and I love it!
    -- // x

  7. Such a good idea for a blog post.. except I promised myself not to blog about fragrance/perfume as I have no idea how to describe it at all... but my first was Anna Sui because the packaging was beautiful and my bottle had an angel sitting on top of the bottle (cap) - just beautiful!

  8. I love Alien - it's on my wishlist. I also adore Estee Lauder's Sensuous perfume.

  9. Alien was also my signature scent all the way through university. I retired it when I graduated - it's so nostalgic for me now. I wear Narcisco Rodriguez For Her now.

    Rachel |

  10. I love this concept! I remember having body sprays from GAP and The Body Shop back in the day, but my first proper fragrance was a Lancome perfume only a couple of years ago given to me as a gift (after I chose the scent and couldn't get enough of the samples).

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  11. i remember my first ever fragrance was DKNY be delicious, and the be delicious night counterpart. i remember being OBSESSED. i'd spray it everywhere, and the first time i had to buy my own bottle my heart stopped a little. my fragrance taste has since evolved, but has still always had a sweet side. my favourite at the moment is tokyomilk dark tainted love.

    brooke | brooke elise


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