Your First Fragrance Purchase

I am a fragrance fiend and can pin point to exactly when the obsession began. As a young child Versace fragrances were all the range, especially those of the Jean variety. My Mother had a bottle of Versace Red Jeans and although I didn't care much for the fragrance I weirdly used to enjoy misting around the room - let me tell you she was not happy about that. I used to also spray it on my sweatshirt before heading off to school to comfort me throughout the day - childishly sweet, if I do say so myself but she did wonder eventually why her signature scent of the time was somewhat evaporating. 

Then one day elder cousin one day produced a bottle of Versace Baby Rose Jeans and I knew there and then that it was all I wanted my days, clothing and memories to smell of. I would day dream about owning a bottle and all but beg my Mother, Grandmother and anyone who would listen to purchase me a bottle. Wisely they decided that a child under 10 really shouldn't be wearing heavy perfume. I was of course bitter at the time but looking back how odd would it have been to witness a six or seven year old child casually applying perfume ha!

My first bottle of fragrance was Davidoff Cool Waters which I received one Christmas and really did think I was the coolest kid on the block. The sweet yet aquatic scent still takes me back to the Glasgow Carnival. However the first time I physically visited a fragrance counter and parted with cash, albeit money I was gifted as a Birthday present was Jennifer Lopez J-Lo Glow Eau de Toilette. A somewhat harsh and soap ode to lily and white blooms, I won't pretend for one moment that I bought it for any other reason than it was a product of the J-Lo dynasty. To this day I still squat for a bigger booty, buy anything featuring a palm tree print and pile on the highlighter for a J-Lo glow - consider me obsessed with the woman.

A little further down the road I discovered Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum when I was at University and it very quickly became my signature. I have so many sensory memories associated with such scent that it is impossible for me not to reach for it. At the moment I have cast it aside due to the humid weather but you can almost guarantee that at the first hint of Autumn all my jackets, coats and myself will have a distinctive ring of Alien surrounding it.

So that's pretty much how what I am assuming will be a life long love affair with fragrance began. Rather than asking for product recommendations or general beauty advice in this week's "Asking for a Friend" post, I open up the comments and ask you to divulge your fragrance story. Heck feel free to use the idea/concept for a blog post of your own.