Monday, June 01, 2015

Yankee Candle Life's A Beach Collection

Yankee Candle Life's A Beach Collection

Apparently it is now Summer within the UK, a quick glimpse outside would dictate otherwise; if grey skies and rain clouds are getting you down, the new Yankee Candle Life's A Beach Collection will help bring a little sunshine indoors at least. Three scents all channelling the seaside - one re-promote and two new fragrances you are sure to find something that will allow you to at least pretend you are near the beach.

The re-promote is Yankee Ocean Side, which I have reviewed in full here - link. In a nutshell it is salty, aquatic and very fresh - a great unisex scent and probably the strongest of the trio. Speaking of sea salt tinged home fragrances (it's the note of the moment) we have Yankee Candle Beach Holiday, said to mimic a trip to the shore - crisp, aquatic and clean - it reminds me a lot of freshly air dried laundry. It is lovely and ideal for refreshing the entire home, despite being what I'd deem a delicate scent it has an incredible scent throw. Lastly a surprise hit Yankee Candle Sea Grass, a fresh green and altogether uplifting fragrance that is surprisingly zingy. Yes it is a little on the unusual side but if like myself you purchase wax tarts it is great to blend with any other aquatic/beach inspired tart.

If you enjoy sea inspired home fragrances you will want to check out the Yankee Candle Life's A Beach Collection before its limited edition run is over.

You can shop the entire range via Yankee Candle £1.49-£19.99 - link and via Love Aroma - link.

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  1. These sound amazing, exactly the kind of scents I like! I live right next to the sea (I can literally see it from my window) so I love having my house smell all beachy!

  2. They sound gorgeous. I'm currently burning my Shea Butter Yankee candle that I'm obsessed with.

    Sarah x

  3. HA! It is most definitely not summer in the UK. Especially not in rainy Manchester... I love quite masculine salty scents so I'm looking forward to taking a look at these. Maybe they'll make it feel like summer here after all!


  4. Oooh these will be great for all around the home. One for the bathroom, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. I'm definitely going to give these a sniff.
    -- / / x


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