Yankee Candle Oceanside

If you are enjoying the current bout of sunshine in the UK and want a home fragrance or two to reflect the mood, Yankee Candle Summer is the collection for you. With three new scents and a range of home accessories to choose from, it is perfect for creating a little seaside haven at home. Each Yankee Candle within the Summer 2015 line up has a slightly aquatic note for a fresh, clean and altogether Summer vibe.

Out of the three new scents the one that appealed to me the most had to be Yankee Candle Oceanside which has been created to reflect a quiet day at the beach, slightly salty with a warm musky note to capture the calm sea air, and for a little refreshment Yankee have added little touches of citrus to evoke sunshine. I would liken Yankee Oceanside to Yankee Clean Cotton in that they are both fresh and do well to create the natural scent of fresh air - the main difference is that Yankee Oceanside leans more aquatic and has a slightly masculine note. If you like soft, cleansing home scents that can be burned any time of the day or year this is for you, the same applies if you want to bring the beach home without a trail of sand.

Yankee Candle Oceanside £19.99 via Yankee Candle - link.

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