Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Asking For a Friend - Duty Free Must Haves

Duty Free Must Haves

I guess in the grand scheme of things, I do frequent the airport perhaps a little more than the average person but if it is just a domestic flight I try my hardest to ignore Duty Free. Yes, the discounted beauty products are great but like most things in life, I like to adhere to the everything in moderation rule. I tend to wait until I'm jetting off on holiday to treat myself to a few duty free purchases; often both going on holiday and coming back, in case you have yet to notice restraint is not my strong point.

When it comes to Duty Free I am a creature of habit - I circle the MAC counter, on the prowl for a new MAC Lipstick shade and then I hit the fragrance counter. Oddly this is where I put the most thought into my purchases; I tend to purchase a bottle of perfume (or eau de toilette) to wear during the visit, the idea is that said scent will forever remind me of my adventure. Entirely lame but that is just how I roll. My other fragrance purchase is normally a bottle of the Jo Malone or Tom Ford variety, they are so expensive that it is really the only way I can truly justify it without an overwhelming sense of guilt.

On occasion I can be tempted by the travel sized to go Duty Free kits that Estee Lauder and Clinique do so well - great for grabbing last minute skin care and often make-up value sets/palettes. I pride myself on being able to ignore the in-flight magazine deals - a small victory but a win is a win none the less.

Later this Summer I am going to Spain and then later the US and plan on constructing a lengthy beauty list and want to know what you zone in on when you hit Duty Free. I feel like I purchase the same products over and over again at the airport, so enable me and tell me where am I going wrong? 
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  1. Duty Free is one of my favourite things about going on holiday, I love looking at the makeup and fragrance counters! :)


  2. OPI nail bar is my major downfall...I just can't help myself.

  3. I am obsessed with DKNY fragrances they look amazing


  4. I always buy a DKNY fragrance at Duty Free, every single time x

  5. One of the reasons I love going on holiday or on a plane is because of Duty Free. I always pick up a fragrance as they are just that little bit cheaper. I also do the same with the MAC counter. Cannot wait to go on holiday and pick some things up from Duty Free.

    Beth x

  6. I love the pink DKNY perfume!!! :)
    And now I've been loving DKNY pure in verbene. Smells sooo good lol

    Xoxo Jessy

  7. Fabulous post! I’ve been wearing that Escada perfume at the mo. The brand is one of my favourites of all time. I love their summer special edition releases :-) I think buying a perfume before you go on your holls is great. I always like to associate good times with a similarly good fragrance!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  8. My duty free splurge last month involved

    D&G Floral Drops Frangrance
    Clarins Lip Oil
    Clarins Instant Balm thingy in Orange
    Clinique Melon Pop
    Dior Hydralife BB Creme
    Essie Polish x 4
    GIVENCHY BB cream
    Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in light plus x 3 (I go through these for fun so always stock up!)

  9. That jimmy choo bottle is so pretty! I always feel like I have to buy in duty free but never actually know what I want.


  10. The last time I went to the duty free I was quite young and I feel that now, this year, when I don't have my mother telling me to save my money, I'll go a little crazy. The mac counter is the first place I'll go!
    -- / / x

  11. I get overwhelmed at Duty Free, it's that feeling of wanting to grab a good deal but not knowing where to mind goes blank! I do like going for perfumes though and make a list beforehand oh and gotta buy a new lipstick I normally head to Chanel or Dior. x


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