Lush Coalface Facial Soap Review

Lush Coalface Facial Soap is one of the few facial soaps I have time for, not only can it be used daily to cleanse and control excess sebum but it doubles up as a quick face mask. At just £4.95 this is the multi-tasking facial soap you have been waiting for - it softens, offers oil control, deeply cleanses and helps blemish prone skin types. I hate to admit it and will say it was a slow burner but now it is one skin care product I can not be without.

As you can see Lush Coalface Facial Soap is perhaps not the most visually appealing Lush product, the pretty floral shape does help make it a little more appealing but at the end of the day it is a chunk of black soap. Once combined with water Lush Coalface Facial Soap creates a light, grey and somewhat gritty lotion that is foam free. Now you have two choices you can apply all over the face, massage and rinse clean much like you would with any soap, or you can apply and leave for five minutes as an express mask. I must stress that as this is a soap it is a little more drying than your typical face mask so if using it once a week, in such manner do be sure that you adhere to the five minute time frame. As it is charcoal and liquorice based it is not worlds apart from Origins Clear Improvement Mask.

Lush Coalface Soap has been created with troubled skin in mind, it combines antiseptic rosewood and sandalwood oils to help speed up the healing process of existing blemishes, as well as preventing future spots and pimples from appearing. The hero ingredient is of course charcoal which is renowned for it's absorbing and deep cleansing properties. Charcoal gently helps to keep oil at bay without being overly stripping, all the while removing impurities from the skins surface. Lastly Lush Coalface contains Liquorice Root to gently buff and exfoliate the skin without causing irritation, it really is a clever and effective blend of ingredients which are safe for use on both the face and body. If you suffer from acne on your back and shoulders this could be the very product you are looking for.

I have used Lush Coalface Soap as an occasional treatment for a few months now and here is what I have noticed: for my facial needs, once or twice is enough - otherwise my skin can become a little dry and tight. Otherwise I can not fault it, Coalface cleanses wonderfully and does all it says it would and more (hello express mask). I find that it does remove any excess oil, my blemishes seem less inflamed after each use and my skin is soft to the touch. As a body treatment, it is wonderful - I use it daily after my typical shower gel, leave for a few moment and rinse off. Yes it can be a little time consuming but the good news is that I have no new blemishes on such area and the daily exfoliation has helped with my scarring. If using on both your body and face, cut the bar in half, for the sake of hygiene. As a side note one 100g bar will last you several months - it really is the skin care product that keeps giving!

Lush Coalface Facial Soap £4.95/100g via Lush - link.