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Grooming - Superdrug Men's Hair Styling Products

Superdrug Men's Hair Styling Products

As you may have noticed I have introduced a grooming and teen element - I feel like I owe you all a quick explanation. The teen section is wrote by my sister and the grooming my brother, at the moment it is myself who physically types up the posts as one works full time and the other is in full time education. I work from their notes, so it is all their opinions albeit a little in my voice and writing style. This will change in the coming weeks when they will take over the reigns but until then at least you know what is going on behind the scenes!

Did you know that most of Superdrug's own brand products are vegan and all are cruelty free? No, me neither until a few days ago but I think this fact will only further cement our love for the brand. Great products that are both affordable and responsible, you own it to yourself to spend a little more time glancing at the Superdrug's own brand products next time you visit.

Superdrug Men's Hair Styling Products

On a whim my brother bought all three pots of Superdrug's Male styling products - he had just got his hair cut and couldn't quite recall if it was a wax, clay or putty that the hairdresser had used to tease it. Heck it could have been a gel and he'd would have been none the wiser. At just £1.99 (or two for £3) he purchased all three in the hope that one would offer the same results achieved in the salon. To Superdrug's credit, each product not only looks great (the packaging reminds me a little of L'Oreal's style) but smells great and offers a short description of what each products intended use is.

Superdrug Men's Hair Styling Products

Superdrug Men's Styling Putty, is a light hold product that is for creating messed up styles - it is non-sticky nor greasy, ideal for those who want a little hold but for their hair to feel and look as natural as possible. Superdrug Men's Styling Wax is a matt, medium hold product that is a little more tricky to work with. It is a product you have to wash out rather than brush out and is a tad sticky to the touch. No-one in my household enjoyed it all that much but perhaps in more experienced hands it would fair better. Lastly we have Superdrug Men's Styling Clay which is again a medium hold and matt finish hair product. My brother emphasises that we have saved the best until last as not only does this offer great styling control but it is a breeze to work with. A coin sized blob is all that is needed to add a care free, somewhat tousled effect to most shorter styles, it appears natural in the hair without any sticky residue (both to look and touch) and smells great. An all round winner - quick, easy to use and affordable.

At just £1.99 each the  Superdrug Men's Hair Styling Products offer a great introduction to hair styling products - or a cheaper alternative to the more pricey options out there.

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  1. I love the idea of incorporating your family's thoughts into your blog post. I've actually thought about doing a series with my mum for products she prefers using compared to our age range. Fab post!

  2. Aw I love that your brother and sister are doing posts! Might get some of this for my boyfriend, he's always running out of hair gel!

  3. Such a good product. Intend to give my husband a bottle.
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