Lush Super Daddy-O Solid Conditioner

Fans of Lush Daddy-O Shampoo may be pleased to know that Lush have somewhat expanded the haircare line with a solid conditioner - Lush Super Daddy-O, the only problem is that it is exclusive to the Lush Oxford Street Store. Admittedly quite the trek for some of us but if you can visit I can't recommend it enough - there is over 200 exclusive products to choose from.

If you are familiar with Lush Daddy-O Shampoo, you will know that the deep purple tinge of the product is for a reason - to tone any brassy tones out of blonde hair without the need for a trip to the local hair salon. Lush Super Daddy-O works in the same way only rather cleansing it conditions all the while brightening blonde hair - be it bleached or natural.

I have tried Lush Solid Conditioner in the past. I dabbled with Lush Jungle Conditioner with no luck. Now don't get me wrong if you have fine or maybe even normal hair that doesn't need a lot of moisture Lush Solid Conditioners could be for you. My main problem with Lush Super Daddy-O Conditioner is getting the actual product on to my hair. If using my hands I can't get enough conditioner for my needs. Then if I use the bar directly on to my hair, the bar is too solid in form to disperse the product - it needs the heat of your hands to produce adequate conditioner. It is a loose, loose situation for me - in the end out of frustration both times I have used Super Daddy-O, I have reached for a bottle of conditioner. Really it is a shame as Lush Super Daddy-O smells wonderful (like Violets) and does brighten my hair without weighing it down, I simply don't have the time nor gumption to use two separate conditioners each time I wash my hair. On the plus side it does not contain any silicones - the rest of the ingredients are somewhat a mystery as it is not listed online. As I have said above this may be better suited to those with fine hair and/or for those who travel frequently but for my needs it falls a little too flat.

You can find Lush Super Daddy-O Solid Condtioner via Lush Oxford Street for £5.95 per bar.