Asking for a Friend The Perfect Nude Nail Polish

I'm almost certain that the phrase 'My Nails but Better' doesn't exist? Or at least I live in hope. Much like nude lipstick or even finding the ideal 'My Lips but Better' shade, stumbling on the ideal nude nail polish is just as tricky.

When it comes to nude nail polish I want a shade that compliments my somewhat yellow toned skin, it should give an effortless yet almost manicure effect and if it can give the illusion of longer, thinner fingers (I have the meaty paws of a small gentleman) then I am sold. Unlike my nude lipstick choices I like my barely there nail polish choices to lean both pink and sheer. I have come close with the likes of Essie Muchi Muchi and Essie Topless and Barefoot. There was even my brief fling with OPI Barefoot in Barcelona (admittedly more a tan hue than nude but great in the summer) but nothing has provided that a-ha moment! I need a polish that I can rely on day in day out that will not only compliment my skin tone but will work within every situation and outfit choice. I realise that this is a mighty task but I am sure someone out there will have the answer.

In a bid to stop handing over cash for shades that I will never wear I am turning to you, what is your go to nude come pink polish. I am open to all brands and price points - I just need to leap over this hurdle and put my polish woe to bed once and for all!

Hit me with your 'My Nails but Better' shades...yeah it doesn't get any easier typing that!

P.S the shade in the above photo is Olivia Palmero for Ciate in Sundays (£17), it isn't out until June. I will get a full review and swatch post up long before it launches.