Lush Movis Facial Soap

I'm sure at one point in our lives we have all washed our face with a bar of soap, be it out of necessity or as a child. Somewhere along the line the vast majority of us ditch the bar method and go for liquid cleansers. Why? Well on the most part they are formulated better and offer up kinder to skin ingredients. One brand that still champions facial soap is Lush, with no less than three bars to choose from.

Lush Movis was inspired by the ingredients and process of making bread, unsurprisingly it looks and smells a lot like the saviour staple. As a matter of a fact it has a very wheaty scent - it is more pleasant in person that it sounds, I promise. Fragrance aside this has been designed not only to gently but effectively cleanse but to exfoliate in the process too. Lush Movis Soap has been designed for use on the face but is of course safe enough to use elsewhere should you wish. If you do decide to use on both your face and body, I recommend cutting your block in half and using one section for the face and the other the body. A faff yes but a little more hygienic.

Lush Movis Facial Soap

As Movis is inspired by bread I am sure you will not be surprised to learn that the ingredient list features wholemeal bread to exfoliate, I was told in store that this is the little crumbly parts you can see on the outer of the soap. When combined with water it can be a little messy but rest assure it does rinse clear. To brighten and inject a little life into the skin Lush have added hop oil and wheatgerm oil - I feel both give the soap a certain slip which prevents the combination from being too harsh or drying on the skin. For added moisture Lush Movis contains organic cocoa butter and coconut oil to soften. A a side note Movis is free from animal fats, palm oil and petrochemicals.

If you were expecting a super foaming soap, I am afraid you will be disappointed as will those looking for an SLS free formula. Lush Movis Soap lathers to some degree, to produce a gentle amount of foam. I recommend lathering up with your hands and apply to damp skin, massaging in circles as you go. The small flakes of wholegrain bread gently exfoliate and the base is not overly drying, I do find that the soap leaves behind a little residue which I can feel on my skin after each use so I do recommend thoroughly rinsing the skin after each use.I can't say this will be replacing my regular cleanser any time soon but I can vouch that it does all it promises to deliver without being harsh or stripping.

Lush Movis Facial Soap from £4.50 via Lush - link.