Make-Up Discussion It's all Subjective

Beauty blogs are brilliant - not only do they offer up all the goss on the latest products but a real person's perspective. I've lost count on how many products I have bought purely based on a fellow bloggers review and have no doubt in my mind this will not be ending any time soon.

One thing we can be a little guilty of overlooking (myself included) is that a review is just an opinion - we can all only state how and why it worked for us, or of course why it was a wash out. Sometimes I take reviews as the gospel and become a little deflated, when the wonders of the product in question don't work out for me. Is it the bloggers fault?

No! Far from it - every product within the cosmetic industry is subjective, meaning what works for one person may not work for you. It is a trial and error game, one that oddly only seems to become more difficult with age. Maybe my skin has become more fickle or armed with more beauty knowledge I am simply more selective? Who knows.

So we know where to not place the blame, how can we be a little more savvy in our purchasing habits? Well if you know for a fact you are allergic to certain ingredients, a quick Google of the ingredient list will be more than helpful. In the same vain in the reviewer in question has oily skin and you have a dry complexion - chances is it may not garner the same results for you. If the product you so desperately want offers a sampling scheme (most counters offer them), by all means make the most of it, don't be shy to ask for a sample there is a reason they are there. If all else fails I guess you just have to take the chance, cross your fingers and hope you can make it work for you.

The most hyped up product that did nothing for me was Benefit They're Real Mascara, I realise this launched quite some while ago but it still sticks out to this day. It flakes, smudges and weights down my flimsy eyelashes yet on others it looks nothing but fabulous.

What about you? Where do stand on the subjective stance and what product do you wish you could return for a full refund?