Vita Coco Coconut Oil

It seems everyone and their dog loves coconut oil, even the Kardashian sisters site it as one of their go to products and rightly so too. One jar of organic coconut oil costs less than £10, is long lasting and can be use for just about everything from hair masks to cleansing - not to mention you can also use it to cook with. If you have yet to board the Coconut Oil train let me share a few reasons to add a jar of this oil to your shopping list...

Coconut Oil seems has been brought to the forefront of beauty news thanks to oil pulling, somewhat like using oil in place of mouthwash - only you do it before you brush your teeth. The idea is that by doing so it will not only help to whiten the teeth but remove toxins from the body. I have tried it once or twice but lack the will power to swish oil around my mouth for twenty minutes at a time - ain't nobody got time for that...well I don't at least. Let's forget about the current trend and focus on some quick and easy uses for Coconut Oil.

I have long and often dried out hair, every now and then no conditioner will offer up the kind of deep nourishment I require. Enter Coconut Oil, I zap a few spoons of this concoction in the microwave, allow to cool down a little and apply to the ends of my hair. The trick is to allow it to sink into your hair for as long as you can bear before shampooing off. Sure it is nothing new or revolutionary but my gosh it works and it also smells amazing! In the same vain if the skin on your body is dry and flaky, this could be the extra nourishment you needs. Yes it is greasy and a little messy but as you can imagine it does work. I tend to stand on an old towel, apply all over and then shower off. 

Coconut Oil also works wonderfully as a gentle cleanser - it will effectively remove every scrap of make-up, including stubborn waterproof mascara with next to no effort, all the while leaving the skin soft and supple. As long as you take the time to remove every scrap of oil from your face it will not clog the pores. There are very few cleansers out there more natural than Coconut Oil - one ingredient raw coconut oil and organic, your skin may thank you for the switch. What makes Coconut Oil so special is that naturally moisturises and soothes the skin so you can skip moisturising if you felt like it (not that I recommend doing so but if you are pressed for time, needs must), making it the perfect cleansing product for those with dry skin.

Did you also know that such oil also has a natural SPF of 4 as well as being a natural antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory so even oily/blemish prone skin types can reap the benefits. Thinking about it, I really don't know where I'd be without a jar or two of Virgin Coconut Oil. I even use it as a butter substitute when making Chocolate Brownies (if you like Bounty Chocolate Bars you must try it).

A word of warning, regardless of how you use it be sure not to pour the oil down the drain as it will clog. Rinsing off in the shower is fine as it doesn't seem to solidify when combined with soap/shampoo. If oil pulling or getting rid of excess oil be sure to pop it into a bag and dispose that way.

Are you a fan of coconut oil? If so do you use it in a different way?
For those interested I purchase Vita Coco Coconut Oil as it is virgin and I can purchase it from my local supermarket and also Amazon (shout out to Amazon Prime). You can find it via Amazon for £9.99/500ml - link.