Maria Nila Stockholm Hair Care

A new hair care range all the way from Stockholm has just arrived within the UK and let me tell you it is nothing short of wonderful. Coupled with a colourful yet professional design aesthetic, the all vegan brand features five hair categories all of which aim to target specific needs. As someone with bleached and heat damaged tresses the Maria Nila Stockholm Structure Repair line up almost feels like it was blended just for my needs.

Within the Maria Nila Stockholm Structure Repair collection there is a shampoo, conditioner and masque all of which aim to repair and restore damaged hair. The shampoo gently but effectively cleanses, without weighing the hair down nor does it strip the hair follicle. It is suitable for everyday use and features a light, floral scent that freshens without overwhelming. Maria Nila Stockholm Structure Repair is the perfect regular conditioner for dried out hair - it smooths, hydrates, repairs all without weighing down even the finest of hair (that is something I don't get to say all that often). It is non-greasy yet offers up enough additional moisture for dried out hair and again smells great. As a combo the Maria Nila Stockholm Structure Repair Shampoo and Conditioner have helped inject a little life back into my dehydrated ends and have allowed me to put off getting a well needed trim a little longer. I promise I will do it as soon as time allows.

For those who are perhaps happy with their go to hair routine but want a weekly, intensive hair conditioning treatment - Maria Nila Stockholm Structure Repair Masque is what you should book mark. A light yet deeply conditioning treatment that not only repairs, adds gloss but also leaves my hair looking and feeling far healthier from the first use. Much like the above shampoo and conditioner this smells wonderful - if I could recommend one product for dried out hair it would be this. 

Maria Nila Stockholm is exclusive to Sally's and Salon Services within the UK, prices range from £6.99 - £16.99 - link.

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