Asking For a Friend Summer Fragrance

It has been long said that fragrance is perhaps the most personal aspect of anyone's beauty routine; what one person loves another will love - if one thing will divide all beauty lovers it is fragrance. I have my signature scent wardrobe down to a fine art - Thierry Mugler Alien for the Autumn/Winter months and Narcisco Rodriguez for Her the rest of the time, I do flirt with other fragrances regularly but those are the two I always come back to.

In the Summer months I do tend to rely heavily on Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, Escada Rockin' Rio and D&G Light Blue as do many others - they work well in the heat, are non-cloying and both hold a lot of lovely memories which come alive when inhaled. When it is time to hit Duty Free I tend to purchase on a whim - I become overwhelmed with all the choices and truthfully don't always make the right choice. Let's stop that from happening again.

This year I am on the look out for a beautiful aquatic scent yet not masculine, light yet long wearing, ideal for spritzing on both home and away and ideally will remind me of warmer climes. I am not a fan of Davidoff Cool Waters nor do I want to pack a bottle of Tom Ford in my case, so I turn to you - what do you recommend for summer wear?