Lesser Known Beauty and Health Apps

I don't know about you but I consider my mobile phone to be an expansion of my arm; this one gadget not only keeps me in contact with those near and dear but to also allows me to work on the go - something I guess our parents could only dream of? With the invention of phone apps, being skin, health and beauty savvy has never been easier. If you are looking for something to fill the gap in-between scrolling on Instagram and Twitter, you may find the hand-picked selection below beneficial...

Benadryl (free) - If like myself you suffer from Hayfever (an allergy to pollen) this is a wonderful app to download as it not only alerts you to the daily pollen count in your local area but further afield too. The Benadryl Pollen Map is to be trusted as it is provided by the local MET office so you know you are in good hands - streaming eyes optional.

Diet & Acne (free) - The connection between out diet and skin has long been established, however there are many food myths such as chocolate is the main reason for acne. This nifty app allows you to search for skin related information food sectors, to provide scientific evidence on why it is damaging or not. It is really easy to use, all foods are separated into categories: Be Careful, Neutral and Go Ahead. If you are concerned your diet is affecting your skin adversely this is the app to download.

Drugstore Dupes (£2.29) - We all know that the majority of beauty products can be duped by an alternative brand, more often than not with a lower price tag. The main problem is finding said product and not everyone has the time nor gumption to trawl Google and countless websites. Enter Drugstore Dupes, this app is one large database of dupes be it lipstick, fragrance, nail polish or skin care - finding a perfect dupe has never been easier.

Think Dirty (free) - The main purpose of this app is to allow users to scan a product of their choice, in order to see not only the full ingredient line up but what proportion of that happens to be toxic. If you have ever had your doubts that a product isn't all it claims to be i.e natural or organic, this will put your mind at ease.

Ultraviolet, UV Index  (free) - I guess no-one will be all that surprised that I posses a UV tracker. I'm not sure if this will be of interest to everyone but I do like to be informed of the UV count, so I know how to best protect my skin in any weather condition. Not only does this app inform the user of the UV rating for their area but it offers up advice on what you should do to keep sun safe. I use it all year round, some may find it a better fit for the summer and our holiday abroad?

I'd love to hear your lesser known beauty or health app recommendations, I always have room on my phone for more!