Mila Isla Candle

I know I am not alone in my struggle of relaxation, I like the thought of switching everything off - lying back with a face mask plastered to my face, complete with cucumber water doing nothing. The idea alone makes me feel chilled and less stressed but when it comes to putting such plans into action I fail and miserably too! I suck at chilling out - I feel guilty and forever think my time could be better spent. If that sounds all too familiar then may I direct you towards Mila Isla Candle, what I have been deeming an instant spa...

"Isla is an encounter with the crystalline cold, a steely tang carried on a crisp ozonic breeze to invigorate the mind. The clean, glacial top notes cut through subtle accords of green seaweed, musk and amber, rendering an energising blend."

It's cool, crisp, aquatic yet slightly dreamy - Mila Isla offers up oceanic notes without tapering too masculine. After a few minutes of burning you can't help but feel more relaxed, it oozes the coolness and serenest of an upmarket spa without the need for as much as leaving your home. Mila Isla Candle is a burn all day, everyday type of scent - perfect for a blissful soak in the bathtub, for a hectic Friday afternoon or to create a place of serenity in your bedroom. I may not be able to tear myself away from my ever growing admin problem but you can bet that Mila Isla makes it somewhat pleasurable and dare I say relaxing, while flickering away in the background. That alone warrants a repurchase in my book!

Mila Isla Candle £38 via Mila Fragrance - link.