Asking For a Friend - Do It All Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes

Today I got up, went for a large walk not really to burn calories but to clear my mind, came home and realised that my make-up stash vastly needs downsized - namely my obsession with neutral toned eyeshadows. At every turn I have an overwhelming amount of brown based powder palettes all of which are half used at best.

You see the problem is that as much as I love a great neutral eyeshadow palette, I very seldom if ever like every shade within the kit. I have all matte palettes (Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 is the one), all shimmer based palettes (Urban Decay Naked is the clear winner), combinations of both, palettes more suited for night wear and of course more day/office options than you can shake a stick at but nothing that covers all bases. The Smashbox Full Exposure Palette came this close to fulfilling my dreams but due to my fickle tendencies no Cuban rewards were doled out. Yes I have MAC 15 pan neutral palettes which do essentially do it all but gosh are they less than travel friendly.

So I ask, pen and pad firmly in hand do you have any recommendations. Do you have an all singing, all dancing neutral eyeshadow palette that you would recommend to a friend in need, a friend in need of one heck of a clear out...