Lush Oxford Street Lush Lessons

Just in time to mark Lush's 20th anniversary as a brand (the first shop opened in Poole way back in 1995), Lush have opened the doors to their largest store ever in London's Oxford Street. Much like you'd imagine the new store will stock all of the Lush product line, along with new and exclusive products created just for the space. Lush Oxford Street also features a Lush Spa with four treatment rooms, along with new concepts such as: the Hair Lab, to try products out before purchasing, large fountain sinks for experiencing products first hand and a dedicated events space which will host regular expert talks, workshops and activities.

One such activity is Lush Lessons, a 30 minute master class in either hair or skin care. Living in Glasgow means I have yet to visit the store but I was invited along to a skin care master class closer to home. Lush Lessons offer customers (and staff for that matter) the chance to join together for the most immersive Lush experience around. The aim of each private lesson (small groups) is to open a window in on the somewhat private and lesser known aspects of Lush. Be it learning about the science behind your skin and hair, to the inner workings and science behind the Lush product development labs - you will come away knowledgeable.

As someone with a very limited attention span I was pleasantly surprised by just how enjoyable and how educational the Lush Lessons are, I decided to sit in on a Lush Lesson in Skin Care. I was taught how to best take care of my skin and other types too, why selected ingredients are in each Lush product, how skin works and a basic facial massage technique. I don't want to giveaway too much information from the session, I want those interested to be able to submerse within the 30 minute presentation without knowing what is coming next. What I can say is that if you get the chance to sit in one do it. I have a little booklet of handwritten notes I took during the class that I use to this day - i.e Rosehip oil is the best natural skin repairing oil out there and can help to reduce signs of ageing.

To the best of my knowledge the Lush Lessons will be weekly and free - most likely on a first come, first served basis and may well be a sign up type of programme. I'd pop in-store now that it has opened and enquire if interested but is a brilliant concept, and if I can I will attend a Lush Lesson in Hair Care in the future.

Doesn't the new Lush Oxford Street store look to be what Lush dreams are made of?
If you have been or go along in the coming days do let me know your picks and what you made of the experience.