New Clinique Face Masks

For many Clinique is the one stop, shop for skin care as they cater for all needs - from young skin to mature, from blemishes to sun care and recently joining the ranks is two new face masks, which have been eagerly anticipated. For a moisture boost there is Clinique Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask and for healing blemishes, along with deeply cleansing the skin there is Clinique Pore Refinings Solution Mask.

New Clinique Face Masks

Clinique Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask £34/100ml (currently £30.60 via John Lewis)

"Clinique Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask - Luxurious cream mask helps skin appear to have a new level of luminosity, helping restore radiance to dull, dehydrated looking complexions. Revitalizes and intensely hydrates so skin emerges feeling soft, smooth, supple."

Best described as a thick yet lightweight moisturiser, this mask not only instantly hydrates, soothes, brightens and plumps the skin but also cools. I can't think of a better after sun for the face, which I am sure many will be on the look out for now that the seasons have changed. Much like the majority of moisture based face masks, you apply this all over (avoiding the eye area), allow to soak into the skin before dabbing off any excess. Personally I like to use this in the vain of a sleep mask. I apply my regular facial serum and then a generous layer of Clinique Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask before heading off to bed. I find that it gently yet deeply nourishes my skin, takes care of any dry areas without overwhelming my often oily and blemish prone complexion and allows me to wake to wonderful soft, brightened skin with next to no effort. Clinique Even Better Moisture Mask is great for all skin types in need of a pick me up but especially dry/dehydrated and often dull complexions - it is the mask you have been praying for.

New Clinique Face Masks

Clinique Pore Refinings Solution Mask £22/100ml (currently £19.80 via John Lewis)

"Mattifying mask absorbs oil, impurities and environmental pollutants to help detoxify skin. Charcoal powder draws out deep-seated debris to purify pores, while mineral clays soak up excess oil. Skin feels fresh, smooth; pores look noticeably refined."

Perhaps you enjoy clay based masks to really deeply cleanse the skin and reduce excess oil? Me too and one of the best recent additions to such market has to be Clinique Pore Refinings Solution Mask. a gentle but effective mask that works instantly. This new skin care launch has been formulated to absorb excess oil, draw out impurities - both of which just about every clay mask does, without stripping the skin making it ideal for all skin types (this is aimed at oily/blemish prone skin but is gentle enough for dry/sensitive types too). .It gently removes any trapped dirt, make-up and/or toxins trapped within the pores, leaving your skin feeling softer and looking clearer from the first use, as well as targeting any existing blemishes, encouraging them to heal a little quicker than they would naturally. A great mask for a weekly detox or to seek out in an emergency when your skin is less than behaving!

Which one will be taking pride of place of your bathroom shelf?

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