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Beauty Destination Guide - Glasgow

Beauty Destination Guide - Glasgow

Anyone who lives in a large and somewhat touristy city, will most likely take for granted their surroundings and all that is all that is on offer on your doorstep. As you may or may not know I am from Glasgow, Scotland - a wonderful shopping destination, full stop; easy to navigate, with great public transport links and if I do so say myself on the whole, a happy and friendly place to be. I can't call myself a proud or helpful Glaswegian without sharing my favourite beauty haunts; some well known others not so much but all places well worth book marking for your next visit!

I have linked every store below direct to their map/location and opening times page for convenience.

Department Stores
Most major cities and towns for that matter have department stores but as stock, services and brands differ I wouldn't discount visiting a familiar store, even if it is just for the sake of comparison.

House of Fraser - As a beauty blogger I spend a lot of time perusing the beauty halls of this grand and utterly beautiful store. Here is where you will find the only Glasgow City Centre MAC counter as well as Tom Ford, NARS and just about every other beauty brand you can imagine. It is also in the House of Fraser where the Benefit Boutique  is located - this offers Benefit waxing and tanning. If a spot of tranquillity is what you desire you must visit the Clarins Spa which is house within this bustling store.

Debenhams - The Debenhams beauty hall may not be as vast as the House of Fraser but it is very well stocked and welcoming. From brands such as Dior, Urban Decay and Origins you will find it here. Debenhams Glasgow is the only place in which you will find an Illamasqua counter within the city. If you are looking for Korres products or keen to find a new fragrance this is where I recommend you head.

John Lewis - Often forgotten (yay for finding that sold out shade) but it is not to be missed, all your favourite brands under one roof. I particularly find the Origins staff to be helpful and knowledgeable. There is also a Sisley make-up counter which I find to be pretty few and far between in Glasgow.

Beauty Destination Guide - Glasgow

Hidden Gems

Lesser known beauty haunts but perhaps a little more special for that very reason...

Swoon Nails - Lia is a local hero amongst all us nail fans, she will polish, preen and create the most fantastic Calgel nail designs you can imagine, coupled with a lovely chat. Check out the Swoon Nails Instagram account for inspiration.

Absolut Hair - Hidden somewhat on Sauchiehall Street is Absolut Hair, this is my hairdresser of choice - I'm never fussed who does my hair here as all the staff are beyond talented and friendly. The price list is more than reasonable and they do offer student discounts.

Space NK - Admittedly Space.NK is not a rarity within the UK but the Glasgow store is tucked away within Princes Square, you may fail to know it exists. It is a fairly dinky store but it stocks all the brands you would expect and is generally a joy to visit.

Peaches Wax Bar - For all your waxing and brow needs, seriously look no further! A bunch of friendly and talented ladies that will leave you feeling at ease from the moment you walk in the door. This is also the place to go for eyelash treatments such as LVL lashes!

Yankee Scotland - We all know I love a good candle or ten, there is no better place to fit in all your Yankee candle needs than Yankee Scotland located within the St.Enoch Centre. The store is so well laid out, stocked with all the latest fragrance launches as well as firm favourites - needless to say I visit frequently.

Beauty Destination Guide - Glasgow

The Best of...

When I am visiting one of the more well known beauty hot spots within the city these are the locations I head to.

Best Boots store within the city centre - My Boot of preference is Boots store within Buchanan Galleries, this is perhaps the largest of its kind in the hub of Glasgow but don't let that put you off. It is well stocked, clean and well staffed. As it is large it has an array of luxury/premium brands too.

Best Superdrug within the city centre - Perhaps not the obvious choice but I recommend visiting the Superdrug store on Sauchiehall Street. It is so swish, stocked with just about every brand that you'd imagine Superdrug to stock, the testers are clean and it is never packed to the rafters. It is also a travel clinic in which you can book vaccinations and get general health advice.

Best Spa in city centre - Without a doubt, I have to recommend the Spa at Blytheswood Square - pricey but worth every penny. It is a beautiful location, offers up great treatments and a relaxation pool, not to mention the staff are both knowledgeable and friendly. If I could live here I would.

Now over to you; if you are a fellow Glaswegian or regular dweller, do let me know what you'd add to the list and why? Let's turn the comments into an instant beauty guide for those visiting!

On a separate note, I am looking to make this a regular feature with cities not only within the UK but worldwide. If you'd like to write a post on your stomping ground and have it featured, please email me on thesundaygirlblog(at) with the subject line Beauty Destination Guide and we can discuss it further. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. What a fantastic post, I might do some research for you here and come up with a Muscat guide. The beauty finds are pretty few and far between, but, hey, gives me a task :-)

  2. Great post!

    Check out my new blog :)

  3. I'd love to visit Glasgow someday but would love if you could post touristy destinations instead of just the stores and counters as I'm sure they are everywhere else in the UK :)

    1. I get what you mean :) I left them out as this is a beauty blog but if you ever have a trip in the future drop me an email and I'll happily give you a list of must see's/do's that aren't beauty/shopping related :)

  4. Such a fab idea for a post! Love this

    Rachel |

  5. Oooh, is this the shopping centre from Under the Skin with Scarjo!? Also, I'll be hitting up your email for sure!

    Lorraine - John, It's Only Makeup!

  6. Great post! I haven't been to Glasgow before but I'll certainly be prepared when I do thanks to this :)
    I love how you;ve given your personal favourites as well, it's good to get a local's opinion!

  7. Amazing post! I loved this! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  8. I know BLOW on argyle street has a LOT of fantastic reviews. super swishy and white and modern hair bar, with ipads (appaz) on each station. BUT Miu down the road from it, is so brilliant and cheaper :)

    1. Oh really, I will have to bookmark Miu for in the future - dem roots don't do themselves haha!

  9. Love this post, yeah I didn't know there was a space NK in the city centre until I stumbled upon it once

  10. Thank you for such a great post. A few years ago we (my husband and I) were travelling through Scotland and I went into some of these stores. They really need to have a seat somewhere for the husbands/partners to sit on whilst the wives/girlfriends browse the beauty sections. I picked up some great bargains because many of the brands available in the UK/US are either not available in Australia OR at a ridiculous price owing to the shipping costs and taxes.
    In Melbourne, where I come from we have: Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target and K Mart for all the "drugstore brands" For the high end brands we have Myer and David Jones.
    And for the more unique brands such as Nars, UD, Bareminerals etc I go to Mecca Maxima - which is found in the larger shopping centres of Doncaster, Chadstone and the city.

  11. I love glasgow shopping, I used to visit from Dundee purely for MAC, but now we have been blessed with one in Dundee i'll need a new excuse to go! I always always stop for a Mr Pretzel in the Buchanan galeries. I also love the Forever21 (even though it makes me feel about 100 complaining about too much skin on show lol) I also love the Kheils counter and the Mulberry shop.... a girl can dream!

    I did a post recently on my trip to Glasgow, check it out Here:

  12. Totes wishing I had a trip to Glasgow planned!

    Lorna | xx


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