Weekly Favourites #72

Fully in Spring mode - the first sign of sun, daffodils and Easter Eggs on the shelves has me ditching my Winter coat and reaching for pastel hues. Please tell me I am not alone? I'm not a huge fan of the Summer but Spring I always feel is such a revitalising time of the year, I am more likely to sit to plans and health care kicks in the Spring than any other time of the year. Anyway enough of my belly aching and more of the beauty products I have been enjoying as of late...

It has been all about L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Foundation which has to be the best budget matte foundation out there at the moment and perhaps the find of 2015. I did say perhaps as it is only March. If you like full coverage that is comfortable to wear not heavy nor prone to caking this has to be your next purchase. Since it is now officially Spring I have been reaching for light, pastel toned eyeshadows and no palette has got more use than bareMinerals The Modern Icon Eyeshadow Palette - especially the shade Carefree. Oddly my lips have been really chapped as of late so rather than lipstick it has been a quick, soothing slick of lip balm. I harp on about Epic Blend Lip Balms all the time but they really are my favourite brand of all time.

Weekly Favourites #72

I seldom wear celebrity fragrances with the exception of Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum and now Taylor Swift Incredible Things Eau de Parfum. Not only is the bottle utterly beautiful but the fragrance is so original - I would best sum it up as a sugary vanilla scent that has a slightly masculine tinge. Yes that sounds bizarre but trust me it is so easy and enjoyable to wear. While we are on the topic of fragrance I can not get enough of Voluspa Candles at the moment - I am rather enjoying the scent Liden & Dark Moss which is currently flickering away as I type this post.

Now that the sun is finally making a reappearance I am feeling a little on the pasty side, as many will know I am a fan of self tanner but want something a little more subtle at the moment. Rather than applying a heavy self tanner I have been gradually building up a little glow using St. Moriz Gradual Self Tanner. First of all this smells incredible, like apricot/peach yoghurt, is moisturising and provides a light natural tan - all the while being affordable. I believe this is yet to launch but trust me it will blow Johnstone's Holiday Lotion (can you recall when that was all anyone used?) out of the water!

What have you been enjoying lately?