Lily Flame candles are one my favourite brands not only to purchase for myself but as gifts too. Affordable, adorable and beautifully scented - in fact more often than not the most difficult decision is deciding which one I should take home. If this sounds familiar or perhaps you are looking for your first taste of the brand let me recommend three scents all of which form the Lily Flame Mini Tins collection. There are two collections to choose from: Foodie and Floral - I have the former which has three bright, zesty scents that I can not get enough off. Although mini they are really well sized and approximately half the size of an original Lily Flame candle - more than sizeable to scent a full room.

First up we have Lily Flame Mellow Fig and Garden Mint Candle which is not all that dissimilar to Diptyque Figuier Candle - the main difference is that the Lily Flame version has the slightest hint of mint which altogether creates a fresh, unisex scent. If you are a fan of bright, fruity scents then you simply must try Lily Flame Mango Fandango Candle which is bright, juicy and perhaps the best Mango fragrance I have ever come across. It isn't sickly sweet, rather it one of those rare fragrances that is food based that will lift your mood without making you feel hungry! Lastly there is Lily Pink Grapefruit Candle which isn't a scent I thought I'd ever enjoy but there certainly is something refreshing and dare I say it cleansing about this fragrance. It is almost identical to the fruit making it an authentic yet strong scent. I like to keep this candle in the kitchen to rid the room of any lingering food smells - it works wonderfully at cleansing fish smells. Is there anything worse?

It is safe to say that I fully recommend Lily Flame as a budget option within home fragrance - tonnes of scents to choose from, beautiful to look at with a great fragrance throw.