Brand Loyalty Schemes

I hate myself for stooping low enough to use a Chris Brown (and Tyga) song as a pun, that and the fact I know of such song to begin with. I mean really! Anyway many cosmetic brands offer great loyalty rewards, some of which are less known than others, with that in mind I thought I'd share all the schemes that you can sign up for or to keep in mind...

MAC - Perhaps one of the most known brand perks but one that not everyone totally understands. In the UK you can return 6 full sized empty products for a regular MAC lipstick; it does not include pencils but you can however return the empty packaging of the large packets of face wipes and empty MAC eyeshadow and blush refills. Your empties so to speak can be limited edition or within the permanent range but must be full sized. As a side note most (I'm not saying all) MAC stores will not accept de-potted powder products such as blushes and eyeshadows.

LUSH - Simply return five empty and clean black pots to your local store for a free Lush Face Mask of your choice. This is easy to follow as all the pots eligible for such reward are clearly marked on the side. Lush will also recycle any of their other packaging in-store should you wish.

The Body Shop - A reward card of sorts called Love Your Body in which you pay £5 (in-store it is often free as a promotional offer). It gives you: 10% off purchases for a year, a gift on your birthday as well as a stamp with every £20 and over purchases which you can redeem for gifts. You can sign up and read more here - link.

Space.NK - Another brand loyalty card, free to sign up for that gives you one point per £1 spent in-store and online. When you reach 100 points (£100) you receive £5 off your next purchase. \Not the best but if you do shop at Space.NK it doesn't hurt to join as it is free.You can read more and sign up here - link.

Boots -The ever famous Advantage Card, perhaps the first of its type and one most of us will not only be aware of but also be a member of. In case you are not aware of the system it is again a points collecting scheme, unlike the Space.NK card you receive 4 points per £1 - often more with promotional offers. In laymen's terms you use the points as currency and can redeem them against the majority of products in-store (medication is excluded). The only downside is that you must pay in full using the points, rather than using them as a discount method i.e should a product cost £7.99 you will need 799 points. You can read more and apply here - link.

Superdrug - Very similar to the above Boots Advantage Card, only you can use the points in part payment. The Superdrug Beauty Card also allows you access to special offers that others do not receive. You.You can read more here and of course apply - link. 

Debenhams - One last beauty card, I promise! The Debenhams Beauty Card is again a points system - 3 points per £1. I do find the point system with Debenhams a little confusing; I forever have £10 in my card which I can use against any beauty purchase without ever spending all that much in store. This card also gains you free delivery from the Debenhams site, you can read more here - link.

Escentual - I'm going to go out on a whim and say that is one of the lesser known rewards, every time you spend throughout the site you gain pretty penny rewards. It equates to 2 points per £1 but you can also get 50 points should you refer a friend. Much like Boots each point equates to 1p and you can spend them on the site. You can sign up for an Escentual account here - link.

Clarins - Much like Escentual above my guess is this will be one of the lesser know loyalty schemes. You gain one point per £1 you spend and once you collect 120 points you receive a £15 gift voucher. Sign up/read more here - link. 

I'm sure there are more out there (such as Sephora) but I am currently drawing a blank, feel free to add to the list!