Lipidol UK

Yesterday I posted about Bio-Oil and the best UK deal, rather kindly in the comment section a fellow Blogger - Prettiful, enlightened me in regards to Bio-Oil's sister brand Lipidol. Unlike Bio-Oil, Lipidol does not primarily focus on healing scars rather it is an oil based bath and body brand. Six products all of which are oil based, depending on your stance you will either love or loathe the idea. I did spend a good while trawling Google to see if there is a UK stockist but with no such luck - the good news is that it is due to hit the British Isles in June 2015, according to the official web page.

I am rather excited as I do enjoy a good oil or two, while I wait on June rolling around let me briefly shade a quick world or two about the six, strong product line up. All six products aim to cleanse and protect the skin without disturbing the skin's natural oil layer. There are two cleansers: one for the face and one for the body, an oil based sun screen (SPF20) which I believe is for the body, a facial after shave oil, a nourishing overnight face oil and lastly an after shower body oil. If they work half as well as Bio-Oil does then I can see a permanent place within my bathroom for the majority of the products. Looking at the price conversions the products look set to retail under £10 each which is music to my ears.

If you happen to have tried out the Lipidol product range for yourself do let me know what you would recommend and if it lives up to my beloved Bio-Oil.