Clarins No Body Perfect

As you may or may not know I have decided to overhaul my lifestyle, waving goodbye to refined sugar and exercising regularly. I have yet to slip into the I love exercise and healthy eating mind set but I am sure I will get there sooner rather than later. As someone who is prone to stretch marks (thanks genetics) I have been taking the time to take better care of my skin, putting the effort in to applying moisturisers and exfoliating head to toe. My skin not only feels better but looks better too. Clarins have recently launched a campaign dubbed - No Body Perfect, encouraging us all to be kinder to ourselves in more ways than one. I am no stranger to the Clarins Bath and Body line up and here are a few personal favourites...

Clarins No Body Perfect


Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub (£25.50) - I am team no plastic beads when it comes to scrubs of any type, I am willing to pay more to have a clean conscience (and body). The Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub relies on Bamboo Powder to gently cleanse and refine the skins texture. At least twice a week I team this with a body buffing brush to gently rid my skin of any dead and dry skin cells and have to say it works a treat. The texture of problematic areas such as my tummy and hips is smoother, my stretch marks are less visible and my skin feels incredible. This is also a great product for serial self tanners as it removes any old tan and can be uses as a preparation step to ensure flawless application. Worth every penny and a little goes a long, long way.

Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate (£17.60) - Think of this as the Rolls Royce of shower and bath treatments, loaded with essential oils to invigorate, soften and tone the skin. The oils have an aromatherapy like quality helping you to unwind and defog - perfect for those easily stressed like myself. This lightly foaming cleanser is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types yet leaves the skin feeling deeply cleansed and dare I say relaxed. It is almost like a massage in a bottle - you will spend extra time in the shower/bath when this is involved. Utter bliss.

Clarins No Body Perfect


Clarins Firming Body Lotion (£36.05) - I was turned out to this by a pregnant friend she utterly swears by this body lotion to keep the skin, soft and supple. She also accredits it for keeping her stretch mark free. Personally I use this in conjunction with Bio-Oil and have to say it more than gets the job done. I have no new stretch marks to speak of, my skin is soft, supple and free from dry patches. I do use this as an after sun time to time and find it prevents my skin from drying out and rather naughtily - stops my tan from fading. Yes it pricey for a body lotion but it dries into the skin so quickly as well as firming the skin, again a little goes a long way.

Clarins Renew - Body Serum (£35.20) - We merrily slap on lotions and potions to keep our complexions youthful yet don't tend to anti-age our bodies. If like myself you perhaps abused the sun and/or tanning beds as a youngster you may be a little more swayed to reverse the damage. I do live a little in fear of waking up one day with prune like skin and as a result now stay out the sun and moisturise like crazy. My favourite treatment for my body has to be Clarins Renew - Body Serum, not only does this light weight and silky lotion restore lost moisture but it tones, tightens, refines the skins texture and plumps (using collagen). Suitable for any age but they say prevention is better than a cure. Why just moisturise when you can protect and restore the skin.

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control (£32.55) - I don't honestly care about cellulite, it's natural and most of us will get it at some point. I do slather on lotions now and then to help prevent the visible signs but I don't personally see it as a huge problem and don't understand why women are judged on it. One of the few products out there that actually helps reduce the signs of cellulite is Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control; it smooths, tightens and firms the skin. It is suitable for use all over the body and really does go to work from the first use. To see the best results you do have to be vigilant and use religiously but if you want dimple free thighs and buns for the upcoming Summer you could do a lot worse than invest in a bottle.

At the moment Clarins are offering 30ml bottles of two of my favourite aforementioned products: Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub and Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate with any order, simply enter the code BODY 15 at checkout.

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