Beauty Confessions I Shouldn't but Will Own Up To

At the moment I have five inch regrowth at my roots (that is not the main confession although it is grim sight to behold), why you ask? I can not make up my mind if I want to stay blonde or go over to the dark side and don't see the point in damaging my hair further on a whim. Luckily it has reached the point in which it looks like it is was intentional and not just sheer laziness. Anyway the point I'm getting at is I have contrasting hair and when tied up some of the blonde ends lay flat against the dark roots looking like little white hairs.

Last night while combing my hair after a shower I thought I saw my first grey and straight up panicked. I'm in my twenties and the shock was all a little too much. In a state of blind panic I not only took photos of my scalp using my camera from every angle imaginable but insisted everyone in my household join me on the scavenge hunt for the elusive grey hair. Turns out it was a loose blonde hair lying on the dark root, no grey hairs as of yet. Lord help me when they do appear! With that in mind here are some other bizarre habits of mine...

- I pick mascara off my eyelashes, I seem to do it subconsciously and it does tend to be my left eye which would perhaps be the reason why my eyelashes are sparse.

- I know it is not recommended but I rather enjoy cleaning my ears with cotton buds.

-  I have been known to pluck any stray hair on my upper lip with my fingernails.

-  I don't care what anyone says, squeezing blemishes is life's great pleasures. Yes it is slightly gross and can lead to scarring but you'd only be lying to yourself if you said the temptation wasn't rife.

- Every now and then I am convinced I am loosing my hair and will count every hair that I have shed while brushing.

- I don't brush my hair everyday unless I am going somewhere, if I am working from home it is more often than not tied into a top knot. I should stress I do still shower twice a day but don't always wash my hair.

- I don't always fill my brows in, I know for some they are the be all and end all but for me I don't feel they look all that much different - filled or not.

I am sure there are tons more but that is all that really comes to mind at the moment. I thin we have all gathered from this post that I am slightly neurotic. Feel free to over share in the comments below in regards to your weird and wonderful beauty habits.