Lush Mother's Day Collection 2015

Today a beautiful, bright box of Lush Mother's Day 2015 goodies landed on my doorstep and I couldn't wait to share the new collection. As you may or may not know I don't have a bath tub so all the lovely bath product testing falls on to my sister - it is a hard life eh? While she tests everything out here is a quick round up of what I was sent and my first impressions...

Lush Mother's Day Collection 2015

Lush Love You Mum Soap from £4.25

"Say it with flowers: this elegant, floral soap is made with mimosa and jasmine absolutes, and bergamot oil to uplift and refresh."

I seldom use solid soap, rather I reach for liquid hand soap, shower gel and what have you - I am going to make more of an effort to go old school and enjoy traditional soap. I may even pop into Lush and purchase a few bars for scattering throughout the house. Lush Love You Mum soap is rather floral in fragrance, it reminds me of a mild Spring day and would make a lovely gift for any loved one this coming Mothering Sunday. You could even purchase a large slice and cut it into smaller chunks and gift all those near and dear?

Lush Mother's Day Collection 2015

"Lovely in lilac, this super-scrummy, sweet and floral shower gel is filled with lustre for a touch of glamour."

At the moment I am not too sure how I feel about the fragrance of this shower gel, it smells rather chocolate yet fruity based to me. Isn't that the oddest combination? I can't decide if it is my cold playing tricks on me (most likely) or perhaps I need warm water to really make this product come to life in terms of scent. I am looking forward to trying this out tonight in the shower, I will use this all weekend long before popping up a full review. 

Lush Mother's Day Collection 2015

"We've put our trust in the most famous mother of all - Mother Nature - and blended fresh strawberry juice with luscious butters to give you soft, scrummy-scented skin."

I should point out that I only have a small 50g tub in-case you thought the price was rather high for such a small tub. The one in-store and online for that matter is nearly five times as big! This is a rich
cocoa butter based body moisturiser that is enriched with fruit extracts to protect, moisturise and soothe the skin. It has a strange but pleasant fragrance - think fruity cocoa butter and you won't go far wrong. The texture is beautiful - creamy almost akin with the consistency of soufflé that instantly hydrates and sinks into the skin. I have only tested this on my hands but will say I am nothing short of impressed!

Lush Mother's Day Collection 2015

"Give us today our daily bath and deliver us from uncleanliness with delicate floral bubbles that unfurl like cherry blossoms in the spring."

A huge bubble bar that will last several baths, it smells utterly divine (get it?) - lightly floral yet with a hint of citrus. I think this will be a crowd pleaser and the item that sells out the quickest. Isn't the design fun? I realise it is meant to be a nod to Mary Mother of Christ but all I see is a Nun and at other times a screaming baby ha!

Lush Mother's Day Collection 2015

"Bursting with rose petals, this bomb is a floral spectacle in your bath. Soya milk powder blends with orange flower absolute, rosewood and Turkish rose oils for a beautiful, skin-softening experience."

This is so pretty and delicate to look at that I am almost glad that I don't have to be the one that has to dunk it into a bath. Apparently when added to water this not only softens the water as well as fragrancing but changes the water into a pale, pink hue. Lovely! I know not everyone enjoys rose scents but this is rather enjoyable - uplifting yet creamy at the same time. If you find rose fragrances to be a little too mature and musky this will be a pleasant surprise.

Look out for full reviews in the coming week or so!
Do any of the products appeal to you?

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