Personally Lush All Good Things Gorilla Perfume is not a scent that I would wear but the sentiment and inspiration behind the scent resonated deep within and is far more profound than I had ever imagined...

"All Good Things pays tribute to a relationship that was much valued, now ended and celebrated as an irresistible fragrance. The cyclical nature of life is reflected in our connections with other humans. People slip in and out if our orbits, bringing ideas and inspirations into our hemispheres and the joy of collaboration and shared passions. When they must move on and leave us the sadness of the parting of ways is tempered as doors open to new possibilities, opportunities and fresh ideas in their absence."

Poignant and beautiful wouldn't you agree?

Lush All Good Things Gorilla Perfume is a blend of candyfloss, black pepper, cedarwood and tonka bean. Sweet yet bitter, dark yet light and masculine yet feminine at the same time. If ever there was a fragrance to tell a tale of two cities this is it. Oddly I have found when I am a little tired or down on the dumps this rings darker and more rich - like a cognac on my skin and unsurprisingly it is lighter and brighter, almost sugary sweet when I am more upbeat. The senses are a wonderful thing. I can hand on heart say that Lush All Good Things Gorilla Perfume does not remind me of any main stream fragrance (I am not all that familiar with the rest of Lush's fragrance line) and is utterly unisex. Ignore the yellow label, this is not an zing citrus scent, it is a medley of complex notes and emotions that you have to personally smell to understand. If you enjoy fragrances that can not be defined as one sex or the other this is for you.

Lush All Good Things Gorilla Perfume £10-£40 via Lush - link.
You can also purchase this in-store which I do recommend doing as scent is so subjective.

This post contains a press sample.