Ciate The Treatment Collection Part 2

I mentioned in this post that Ciate will be expanding their nail treatment collection which includes a whole variety of brush on solutions along with three new pen products. If you like convenience coupled with speed and high quality ingredients this could be just what you are looking for...

Ciate The Treatment Collection Part 2

Ciate Beautiful Cuticles £12 - For cuticles in need for a daily treat

"If your nails need a little 'Me Time' - treat them to an instant dose of Marula Oil and Vitamin E for hydrated healthy-looking cuticles in an instant."

Typically I am not a fan of nail oils purely due to the mess but Ciate Beautiful Cuticles is surprisingly fuss free. It applies with ease, dries quickly, is non-greasy and leaves the skin/cuticles feeling soft and nourished instantly.

Ciate The Treatment Collection Part 2

Ciate Nail Quench £12 - For dehydrated/brittle nails

"Nail Quench not only works as a vitamin, collagen and bamboo extract packed nurturing nail treatment but also as a base coat to give nails a glossy boost, for hydrated and healthy-looking nails. The multi vitamin compound strengthens and fortifies nails, while Vitamin E nourishes, prevents dehydration and increases elasticity."

I am still in the midst of fully figuring this product out but will say that I find the pen easy to use. Apparently this is a hydrating treatment come base coat, like I said I am still testing this out but so far it does seem promising. 

Ciate The Treatment Collection Part 2

Ciate Perfect Paint Job £12 - Corrector Pen

"Make messy nail application a thing of the past with the Perfect Paint Job nail polish corrector pen for manicure perfection. The Acetone Free formulation makes it gentle to skin, sweep over skin surrounding nail to clean away polish. Comes complete with three replacement tips."

Pretty self explanatory, a nail polish remover loaded pen that quickly and easily tidy's up any stray flecks of nail polish. If like myself you can paint one hand like a pro and the other, well not so much this is a necessity for cleaning up your edges. I really like that this pen comes with replacement tips which so many others don't. The actual remover is gentle, non-drying yet highly effective at removing any mishaps.

You can find all three new products via Ciate - link.

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