Ciate The Treatment Collection

In early March Ciate will launch eight new paint on nail treatments to solve all our nail woes, be it brittle nails, dull nails or weak nails there is something for everyone. I have roped in a few testers to ensure all eight treatments are fully tested before they are released. Until then here is the skinny...

Ciate Nail Gym for Weak Nails £12

"Personal trainers aren't just for the gym you know: Ciaté London has developed the ultimate strength builder for your mani! This intensive treatment has been specially formulated using advanced oxygen technology and patented Hexanal to transform weak nails into strong, toned, healthy-looking beauties. (And with way less effort than going to the gym!)."

Word on the street is that this also doubles up as a wonderful base coat as well as being a nail treatment.

Ciate Status Grow for Short Nails £12 

"If you spend your time daydreaming of long, luscious nails then you’re in luck - this treatment from Ciaté London has been specially formulated to boost nail growth and make your mani super strong! The blend of patented Hexanal (clinically proven to significantly strengthen and improve your nail condition) and Marula Oil to nourish and smooth will have your nails zooming to incredible lengths in no time. You can even use the nail length tracker on the bottle cap to keep an eye on their progress!"

Think of this as an overnight intensive treatment for the nails, it apparently works quickly to strengthen the nails allowing them to grow, long and strong.

Ciate The Treatment Collection

Ciate Bloom Boost for Dull Nails £12

"Bring your nails to life with this illuminating treatment from master of nailcare, Ciaté London. The hint-of-rose tint works to brighten your natural nail colour and whiten the nail tips to leave your nails revitalised and glowing with health. You’ll look as if you’ve just stepped out of a nail bar without having left the house. Perfect!"

This is apparently wonderful for dried out nails too. I know my hands and nails need a little extra TLC thanks to months hiding behind woolly gloves.

Ciate Nail Super Hero for Bendy Nails £12

"Weak, bendy nails that peel and break? This Super Strength base coat helps to promote nail growth, strengthen and hydrate - taking nails from knackered to nurtured."

I have already applied this to my nails, bendy nails are my main nail woe so to speak. I will update with my results if any in the coming weeks.

Ciate Base Balance for Paint Durability £12

"A must-have prep for the perfect paint job - sweep Base Balance across nails before your base coat for a purifying, PH balancing, cleansing treatment."

This also promises to prevent nail polish from chipping and peeling, as well as removing excess oil and dirt from the nail before application of polish. Essentially an all singing, all dancing nail treatment.

Ciate The Treatment Collection

Ciate Knight in Shining Armour for Dull/Dehydrated Nails £12 

"Nail Quench not only works as a vitamin, collagen and bamboo extract packed nurturing nail treatment but also as a base coat to give nails a glossy boost, for hydrated and healthy-looking nails. The multi vitamin compound strengthens and fortifies nails, while Vitamin E nourishes, prevents dehydration and increases elasticity."

Essentially an over night treatment for the nails, a base coat that conditions, protects and hydrates. I am excited to give this a whirl.

Ciate Underwear Base Coat £12

"Our luxurious Underwear base coat is specially formulated to grip nail colour, creating the perfect foundation to enhance your manicure.Advanced protection formulation. Enriched with Lotus Flower extract. Smooth's surface of the nail and prevents staining. Nourishes and strengthens natural nail."

Because we all need a good base coat in our collection.

Ciate Nail Goddess for Dried Out Nails £12

"Upgrade nails to goddess status, using this daily nail serum with hydrating Pro Vitamin B5 and conditioning Marula Oil for an on the go nail hero. With 5% D Panthenol to penetrate nails and cuticles deeply, rehydrating them and improving flexibility to minimize breakages. An innovative Acrylic Polymer allows delivery of a high concentration of ultra moisturising active ingredients."

A serum for the nails in short.

You can purchase the above eight treatments online via Ciate or wait until March until they go online via ASOS, Debenhams and into Boots.

This post contains press samples.