Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream

Within this months My Little Box there was an unsuspecting tube of face cream, a fairly bland white bottle that did not suggest that the contents inside would be nothing short of wonderful. I am of course talking about Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream, a brand I had not heard about up until now and if I am entirely honest a brand I assumed would be on the budget spectrum and full of filler products. By that I mean products that are slipped into sample boxes to add heft and value. Well not
Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream, it truly is nothing short of wonderful and one of the few lightweight day time moisturisers that will suit all skin types and concerns...

"Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream is a deeply hydrating moisturiser which smooths and re-plumps the skin. Much more than just a regular moisturiser, Photo Hydra Day Cream uses the energy from natural light through Talika’s Hydra Photo Beauty® to deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin. Lipopeptides soothe the skin whilst Hyaluronic Acid creates an effective water reservoir within the skin cells and plumps the skin for a rejuvenating and youthful effect. Photo Hydra Day Cream is also enriched with Mango Butter which nourishes the skin and prevents dehydration. Suitable for all skin types, Photo Hydra Day Cream leaves the skin looking smooth and youthful with wrinkles and fine lines diminished for a dazzlingly beautiful complexion."

Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream

Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream is a light, gel based consistency moisturiser - it instantly absorbs into the skin; cooling, calming and hydrating as it does so. As a beauty blogger I am fortunate that I have a fairly hefty skin care stash - products for all skin types and needs but very few slot into the suit all category. Typically I reach for gel like formulas when my skin is oily and/or in the Summer months as they tend to be the lightest option and generally speaking best suited to said skin type. Along comes Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream and blows that theory out the water - it is late January, freezing cold, I have dry skin and all I have been reaching for is Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream. You see Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream seems to adapt to your needs rather than overwhelming the skin - from the first application it quickly remedied any signs of dry skin, gone was the horrid tight feeling and in place was a fresher, soft to the touch complexion. It doesn't overwhelm oily or dehydrated skin, it doesn't break out my somewhat sensitised skin, it doesn't clog the pores and is nourishing enough for even the driest of skins. It is utter genius and one of those few products that you will decide you can't live without it from the first use. 

As for the fine lines and wrinkle aspect I am afraid that is an oversell, my frown lines are still as loud and proud as ever but if like myself you are prone to dehydration lines this does a wonderful job of plumping those out, most likely due to the addition of Hyaluronic Acid. If you want a moisturiser that can be used everyday regardless of the weather and/or how your skin is behaving this is the one for you.

Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream £27/30ml via Beauty Bay - link.

This post contains a press sample.