Five Beauty Instagram Accounts to Follow

I think we are all a little guilty of checking and using Instagram several times a day? If like myself you are always on the lookout for new recommendations on who to follow, I have composed a quick list of my top 5 accounts. I have aimed to include profiles that don't tend to be featured within the popular pages so hopefully the vast majority of the cut should be somewhat new to you.

Bubbly Michelle - Easily one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts I have ever stumbled across, packed full of utterly gorgeous photos of mainly make-up broken up by the odd lifestyle snippet.

TrendMood1 - If you like to be update with what is happening in the beauty world then you need to add this account to your follow list. Beauty news, launches and pre-launches before the hit the rest of the internet, a beauty junkies dream!

TheBambooPanda - If you are a MAC fan then this is the Instagram account for you, more MAC images than you can shake a stick at with sneak peek's of up coming collections and MAC news.

NylonMag - Okay this account is solely beauty but it is a subject that is featured heavily in candid photo form. If you enjoy behind the scenes snippets be it launch parties or the newest products on the shelves this is my choice for you.

BeautyLookBook - As with the majority of my selections the images that feature on this account are nothing short of divine. The Beauty Look Book does focus mostly on high end beauty products, great to look at and compose wish lists just not utterly kind on the ol' wallet ha!

Who is your favourite Instagrammer at the moment?
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