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Rituals Diwali Winter Collection

Rituals Diwali Winter Collection

The newest Rituals collection only arrived yesterday and I know what you are thinking at the most you have only used the products twice. Correct. However both products from the new Rituals Diwali Winter Collection happen to be scent variations of well loved items that I have not only tried and tested time and time again but frequently repurchase.

The new Rituals Diwali Winter Collection is of course based on the Hindu festival of light which has such a beautiful significance behind the event. Please feel free to correct me if any information is at all wrong but from what I have gathered Diwali is celebrated worldwide and is a 5 day festival which marks the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. I told you it was beautiful. Apparently the occasion can be marked by lighting a diya (special candle) inside and outside of the home but I am sure there is so much more to Diwali than that and I do vouch to read up more as I really am intrigued.

Rituals Diwali Winter Collection
Rituals Diwali Winter Collection

So yes Rituals Diwali Winter Collection a line up of six products all of which (well minus the nail polish set which does seem entirely random) have been scented with a blend of Indian herbs all of which have been selected and blended with the aim of helping to purify and enlighten the mind. A type of aromatherapy by any other name. Both of the products I have tried out within the Diwali collection have been scented with Patchouli and Cardamom. From the first use they instantly smelt familiar and happen to remind me of a rather expensive fragrance - Thierry Mugler Alien! I imagine most will have tried such scent or at least smelt it on someone? If not it is a deep, aromatic, heedy floral that you will either love or loathe. It happens to be my signature scent so this collective is right up my alley but if you are more tempted by lighter fragrances you may want to try before you buy?

Rituals Diwali Winter Collection

I was kindly sent the Rituals Diwali Delight Foaming Shower Gel which is easily one of my favourite shower gel formulations ever. All Rituals Foaming Shower Gels are a delight to use, they are beautifully scented, gentle to the skin yet deeply cleanse and double up as a shaving gel. Next up we have the Rituals Rich and Nourishing Body Cream which is beyond hydrating yet a surprisingly light formulation. As I spent two weeks in the sun not so long ago the skin on my arms particaulalrly is a little parched, I slathered this all over last night and awoke to soft, supple skin. As I mentioned above the fragrance is pretty strong and I can still smell it on my skin (as I type this I have yet to have my morning shower...smelly cat).

All in all a lovely collection inspired by a beautiful tradition.
You can shop the entire collection here via Rituals - link.

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  1. These sound incredible! I have such a long list of Rituals products to try!


  2. I absolutely love Ritual's shower gels! My favourite is T'ai Chi - smells amazing!! xx

    emily x ❤ | emily’s beauty blog

  3. I love Rituals... very much ..

  4. I've heard so many good things about Rituals' products! This was a great review. Sounds like I need to give this one a go! xx

    Emily ⎜ Daisy Locks


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