Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jo Malone Pine and Eucalyptus Candle for Christmas 2014

Jo Malone Pine and Eucalyptus Candle for Christmas 2014

I think just about everyone who knows me or reads this blog knows I love candles and do have quite the collection of Jo Malone candles going on. This year I will be treating myself to the Jo Malone Pine and Eucalyptus Candle which will launch this coming November (it has already sneaked on to Selfridges if you can't hold off) as part of the brands festive collection.

Not so long ago I was lucky enough to see the product in person and have a good ol' sniff or two and let me tell you this is one of the most authentic festive fragrances I have sampled in a long while. I can't be alone in being a little wary of pine scents? I subconsciously link them with cleaning products and those stinky tree shaped car air-fresheners? Pine can be a wonderful and festive fragrance when done correctly i.e it reminds you of the outdoors and real Christmas trees opposed to Toilet Duck (yes I went there).

Luckily the Jo Malone Pine and Eucalyptus Candle captures the cool, icy picturesque scene of a snow dusted forest both fresh and green and the dare I say it almost zesty note of eucalyptus makes it both modern and familiar. As weird as this may sound I really do feel that this fragrance will not only turn your household into a winter wonderland but due to the Eucalyptus it will help to clear the head and stuffy noses! As far as Jo Malone offerings go I would deem this to be one of the most unisex available.

I am such a fan and the good news is that the beautiful lid that comes with the candle can be engraved for an additional cost to make this a bespoke gift and all that more special.

You can find the Jo Malone Pine and Eucalyptus Candle for £38 via Selfridges - link
and then nationwide this coming November. 
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  1. I am loving the look of the whole of the Jo Malone Christmas collection! Give me one of everything ;)

  2. Jo Malone is such a big lust of mine. Never owned anything from there :( I love the sound of this candle though. Still don't know if I could justify that much money on a candle...

  3. Hi there 😄. It's already at my Jo Malone in Aberdeen 😍😍. They don't have the Christmas edition of Pomegranate Noir. Is that a Selfridges exclusive??

  4. I love Jo Malone scents, this one sounds lovely especially for christmas!

  5. I love my scented candles and must have a smell of this one. I usually go for gingerbread or cinnamon but may have to have a change this year.

  6. This sounds so gorgeous! I might have to grab one for my partners family in Norway, it'd be a nice combination! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  7. I'm Australian so anything eucalyptus scented is kind of nostalgic for me. I can imagine vividly what this smells like and I'm sure it's amazing.

  8. This sounds right up my alley! I'm Australian also and have grown up loving the smell of eucalyptus :) I neeed this for Christmas!

    Brodie Jay


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