Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo Review

Thanks to the Urban Decay Naked palettes I get a lot of x-rated blog searches and hits, I can only imagine that the Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo will amplify this. Since I happen to like Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo I will overlook this small issue ha!

Like an idiot I somehow assumed that the Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo was exclusive to the US (I could swear blindly that I read that somewhere?) so stocked up. Bad news for me but good news for fellow Brits is that is not the case and it can indeed be found in Superdrug, Boots and even Supermarkets (and cheaper than in the States too!). Dry shampoo is everywhere, most haircare brands offer it with even Boots and Superdrug having their own range too, the problem is that not all dry shampoos are equal!

I require three things from a dry shampoo: it smells great (not a deal breaker if it scentless but anything foul scented and I'm out), it doesn't leave a white or grey cast on my hair and that it absorbs grease - I can live without added volume. Does Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo deliver all of the above? In a word yes! I'd go as far as saying it is one of the lightest formulated dry shampoo's I have ever tried which initially did have me doubting it it would at all work. The light mist feels weightless on the hair yet quickly soaks up any excess oil all the while refreshing the hair and scalp with a light almost minty fragrance. The good news is that it doesn't leave behind any residue nor a white cast and for those like myself who suffer from an itchy scalp this in no way adds to the situation. It does add a little volume but nothing long lasting or extreme, if purchasing for a volumising effect I'd say think again.

The other good news is that Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo contains no colourants nor sulphates and is formulated using natural tapioca which I am not sure many other dry shampoos can claim to be. At £2.99 it is a steal and although I do still rate Dove's Dry Shampoo as the best on the budget spectrum this comes a super close second! Kudos Herbal Essences...kudos!

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo £2.99 via Superdrug - link.