Friday, October 24, 2014

A Hit and a Miss from EOS

EOS Hand Lotion in Cucumber

Every year I go America I purchase an EOS Lip Balm and every year I am disappointed. I know that EOS is available via several online destinations in the UK but finding such brand in the likes of Boots, Superdrug or any beauty stand is practically unheard of. Yet in the US there are every which way you turn which makes the allure all that more magnetic.

EOS Hand Lotion in Cucumber

Over the years I have worked my way through just about every EOS lip balm there is other than the Medicated Tangerine version which I am about to chat about and the two new-ish swirl variations which I will review at a later date. Truthfully the majority of the EOS formulations don't tend to agree with my lips often leaving them flaky and chapped which is really the reverse effect of a lip balm. Luckily the Medicated Tangerine EOS Balm hasn't caused a reaction of any kind on my lips or the skin surrounding my mouth but I am still not a fan. The Tangerine scent stinks - it smells more akin to melted rubber than a citrus fruit and is pretty intolerable and although medicated it is in no way on par with the likes of Carmex. It doesn't seem to heal or do all that much other than provide a somewhat sticky barrier on my lips but like I said I will chart that up to a win as it hasn't had any adverse effects on my skin nor lips.
To the credit of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) their lip balms are 100% natural and 95% Organic (free from Paraben,Petrolatum, and Phthalates) which is impressive feat no matter how you look at it and something I feel more brands should aim to deliver. In my opinion the EOS formulation is a little drier than some other lip balms and as a result is not one you can really layer on without it caking on the lips. Also I find that the EOS balms can tug a little which may not be ideal for cracked or chapped lips, for every day moisture yes but I would perhaps look for something softer in texture come the winter months. 

EOS Hand Lotion in Cucumber

It isn't all doom and gloom as there is one product I can not recommend enough and that is EOS Hand Lotion in Cucumber (it does come in a good few scent variations but the fresh cucumber scent is difficult to resist). This is a new discovery to me and was bought on a whim but my, my, my am I glad I own it. A light silky hand lotion that is quickly absorbed into the skin yet leaves my hands feeling perfectly nourished and soft to the touch. The only downside is that it doesn't seem to last all that long, I drained a full bottle in a little over a week at first I blamed excessive use but now that I am on to my second tube I can say that is not the case. Although it states that there is 50ml in each bottle the two that I have owned don't seem to be all that full. Perhaps I have been unlucky but they do seem a little skimpy in product. However the small and easy to use style of the packaging does make it a hand bag must have in my opinion.

You can find:
EOS Medicated Tangerine Lip Balm £5.95 via Cloud10Beauty - link
EOS Hand Lotion in Cucumber via Topshop £8/50ml - link

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  1. Ohh it is too bad about the smell of the balm~ ^ ^

  2. I seem to have the same reaction to their lip balms, which is so annoying as I love the scents! I've got that hand cream at home in my stash drawer - really must give it a try now!

  3. I have the balm in Summer fruits and I haven't found it to be drying or tugging. I do find that it doesnt last very long on my lips and I'm always reaching for it for an extra top up. I was going to pick up the medicated tangerine but they didnt have it in stock but now I dont think I will. I was also thinking about picking some up as christmas presents but if they dont agree to everyone's lips maybe I should miss? Thanks for sharing your reviews of the EOS Products x

  4. I have put off buying the balms for such a long time because of the hit miss factor. I really want to try the hand cream though, looks and sounds really good :)

    Roo xx

  5. I find the EOS lipbalms are not smooth enough They're so hard to apply to the lips!

  6. I'm not completely sold on their lip balms either. I have to try our the hand cream now, though. :D

  7. Thanks for sharing, I'm not too sure about the EOS lips balms. Whether they're overrated or a compelte gimick! I dont know

  8. It is so weird, I absolutely love their lip balms, I have sweet mint and pomegranate and love both! I never tried the hand lotion though, maybe I should ;)

  9. I can always count on you for a truly honest review! I'm so picky with lip balms and although I picked up two of these when I went to America, I'm yet to try them! I'm glad you got on well with the hand cream, I've been considering trying it!


  10. I have the same reaction to EOS lip balms, which is a real bummer because they smell lovely and are so cute. I've been wanting to try out that hand cream too! Thanks for the helpful review! xx

    Emily ⎜ Daisy Locks

  11. I have never tried to use EOS lip balms, yes, I read many rave reviews but it hasn't interest me. The hand cream however is a completely different story. I need to hunt that down and give it a try. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

  12. I've never tried anything from EOS but they definitely have hype purely because you can't get them in the UK! The hand lotion sounds lovely! Shame they don't actually give you 50ml though!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

    1. You can get them in the UK. I saw them in Urban Outfitters not long ago. And you can also buy them in online shops from the UK. :)

  13. I never bought into the EOS lip balm hype. Glad to know I did the right thing. x

    Speaking Beauty UK | Nars, Urban Decay, YSL GIVEAWAY

  14. When EOS products were super hyped up a year or two ago I was so jealous that they weren't attainable to me, but I've since heard multiple reviews much the same as yours saying they really aren't that great. The hand cream does sound amazing though and I love the packaging.

  15. I don't like this brand at all!!!!(((


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